How would you do these windows?

We’ve had several houses with really large panes and I’m not sure how to angle the ladder. Would these type of windows be more of a boom lift kind of job? The house on the picture isn’t that bad but you get the idea… we’ve had some houses that the edge At the top where we can lean the ladder is really far out from the window

Waterfed pole

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Hard to tell the actual depth of those ledges from the pic. Have you tried a stand off yet?

So this one probably a stand off would work but I have another job like this which I can’t reach the glass using a stand off.

I forgot to mention - these are all post construction clean ups.

To me it seems like If that ledge is too far out to reach then we would need a lift or something but I’m hoping someone else has more experience and can say otherwise

I’m not shy about nexting designs like that. Rent a lift and charge that rental on the invoice, but otherwise - other fish to fry.

I would use ladder mitts for that window and angle the ladder against the right wall beside the window. Levelocks on the bottom angled a bit in as well. Doesn’t look like anything more than a 24 foot ladder. No need for a boom and WFP for a post construction will not work. Steel wool the windows. Done

You can put the ladder with stand offs on the black frames they are strong enough to hold you and not break.

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Flat-roofed modern is about 50% of my work. I use stand-offs on my ladders and set on the frames. WFP for maintenance cleans. Nice thing is that the frames don’t bleed.

I wouldn’t.:laughing:

Doing this too long to mess with that nonsense. Good lord.

I agree with windsurfingodie!
A 24’ will reach, I would plant the mitts right over narrow long part of the window, so that the bigger square is right in front of me. No Real challenge, I deal with much higher windows almost daily.

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