How would you do these windows?

Hello all, I’m faced with a dilemma.

I’ve attached pictures of a job where I arrived and got set up, but my waterfed pole was too short. I now need to decide whether to invest in a longer pole, or count the job as out of my scope. I have been using a 26’ Eco Mini WFP for a little over a year.

Looking at the pictures, would you guys even waterfed this from the ground? Or would you opt for a ladder to reach the second level?

I’d definitely opt for a ladder before losing the job. Looks like cleaning from the balcony would be easier anyway.


Ladder with a stand-off, but take care that the feet don’t slip at that angle.


I’m with both of them. Seems still doable. Use ladder to reach those.

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I should mention that the slanted part right in front of the second story is actually slanted glass, and not a balcony :grimacing:

It needs to be cleaned as well

I noticed that, still though, your brush is adjustable right?

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Is this a real question? The answer is apparent, don’t complicate window cleaning… ladder up, water fed and change the angle of brush as needed…


It’s unanimous…ladder up and wfp. I would use an 8 or 10 foot Little Giant or some such, in step ladder mode. No worries about feet slipping.

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Yes I was just pointing out that there is no balcony, it is all glass. It’s sounding like a ladder and wfp combo is the way to go. I will have to buy a ladder as my little giant was stolen. So I guess it was basically between getting a longer pole or getting a ladder. Either way I would need to buy a relatively expensive tool to get the job done. :confused:

Yes, can you sense my commercial inexperience lol. I’m mainly residential so far. Not by choice but that’s where most of my calls come from!

looks like wfp from the ground for me

Id find a way to ladder it, and probably go normal polework.

But those shitty awnings do throw a wrench in the plan…