How would you estimate these windows?

How would you price to clean these windows with wfp?

How are you going to clean them if you dont get good results with a wfp?

A lift probably

They have been cleaned 3x a year by another company that used a lift. Why wouldnt they get cleaned with wfp?

I would charge for the lift plus your per window amount for the first time.

Why not use a wfp?

Those windows are a perfect match for WFP that will reach 50 ft. You can do a window count and factor in any objects like cars or trees that get in the way. Remember the 3 rd and 4 th floor will take more than twice as long to do as the 1 and 2 floor. The 1 floor should take about 40 to 60 seconds per window. You can charge by the window or by the hour.


If quality will be satisfactory try the wfp but top floor will be a challenge. Are there rooftop anchors-looks like flat roof prime for bosun chair which should beat the lift price.

That looks like a perfect job for water fed, just make sure you add enough on for your time as @john is right the tops will take much longer than the bottoms but slow and steady wins the race when it comes to higher floors.
Also if they have been old schooled in the past they will need extra time with the pure water. Just add some extra on there if you are worried about the timing.

Thank you for your responses guys! I truly appreciate it.