How would you handle this

Did a job today - inside and out. Anderson windows so the screens are aluminum with the clips on the inside. Removed all of those just fine and finished the windows. Went to replace the screens and banged one of them against the outdoor water spigot near the bushes. It breaks off and water is shooting out of the pipe from the wall! What?!?! Really? Yea, well I go to the curb and shut the water off at the main. Finish my work and call the home owner and leave her a message that she has no water because the spigot broke off after hitting it with her window screen. I can’t imagine how on Earth a window screen could do such damage if it wasn’t already broken and ready to go at any time. I mean, if that is all the bump it needed to break then is it my fault? The home owner thinks it is because it wasn’t broken before I got to it. I called the plumber, they are on their way within the hour, but damn! Any takers on this subject?

It gets better. Homeowner just calls and the plumber is there. $900 to fix it. Who puts PVC for a water spigot out of an exterior wall? Plumber seems to think it is acceptable. He says if it is brittle farther back in the wall then it will be quite a bit more expensive to repair if that happens. No, no, no, if it is that brittle then that is a homeowner problem. Anyway, we’ll see what my insurance carrier says. Let Friday get here. :wink:

Have you received a second opinion on the plumbing work. Unless it broke off completely flush with the wall it should be a quick splice in a new piece of pvc add a spigot, there you go. Did you take any pics? I’ve done a bit of pvc repair in the past.

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Thats most likely the case Garry. I cant see a screen…lol breaking outdoor water spigot.

Im saying not your fault.

It doesn’t seem heavy enough. Maybe from the third floor look out below stuff but not bumping out by walking by.

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I’ll talk to my insurance agent in the morning, but it sounds pretty preposterous. Turns out the guy works at a law firm. I ain’t scared.


I would consider that an “unforeseen obstacle” IMO.

Have you checked out any plumbing forums to see if PVC is an acceptable practice?

Definitely get a second opinion…900 seems a tad much, like 700 too much… but what do I know, I aint no plumber… That’s why we carry
liability insurance eh?

Yea, $500 deductible. Still, seems to me that it was ready to go, I just happened to be there when it did. Of course these kind of things happen after hours and have to wait for morning to sort it out. The plumber already fixed it so they now have running water. But seems preposterous that it would of broke off by anything I did.

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Like if it meets code for the plumbing situation. Or if it’s commonly used in the plumbing industry.

That’s all you can do. Call the plumber pay him an be done with it.

It is what it is. Accidents happen. Ya have t take the blame for it even if it was broke

This is why we get what we get we are assuming risk in someone’s house all the time. There are things Just waiting for us

900 does seem like a lot though. I just got mine done. An it cost 280

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Plumber says it is.

I wrote my answer before I read how much the plumber was charging. 900 is nuts 280 in would yawn at that an just eat it.

900 is crazy. 500 tops

With a masonry patch.

Was it gold plated

To make it go away I may offer 50-50 because I was last to touch it. I would have had to slam down hard with a screen frame made of angle iron to cause it to break off.

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I was goin to suggest that what do ya have to lose

An That’s the unfortunate thing .

Me I would of called her an said. " I was walking around the front an I saw this water gushing I ran to the main an shut it off before any damage could happen … Man I’m so glad I caught it an came across it at that time . What do you think could of caused it ? " Jk.

I would check her pulse , an then bargain 50/50 . Just say would 50/50 be fair being that I’m not 100% at fault

I mean in all honesty she did get a brand new spigot. Which she needed in the first place. An tour offering half

Her husband, the attorney, has taken up “the discussion” :wink: I was thinking along those lines of sternly offering 50/50 because I know in my mind, and physical characteristics of things, that there is no way in any realm of the imagination that this is wholly my fault - but I can consciously admit perhaps if the frame of the screen had not hit then it would not have been the final blow. What fired me up is Attorney Dude accused me of standing on it to my face right in front of the plumber. Shit kind of hits the fan a wee bit when people make assumptive false accusations like that with absolutely no facts to back themselves up. He got both barrels. I’ll deal with him later. This morning all focus is my dog going into the Vet for the first of three rounds of heartworm treatment to kill the parasite. Attorney Dude and his mouth are the least of my worries today.

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