How would you like to Rank #1 on google?

If you already rank #1, then how would you like #1 and #2? Or better yet, how about the First 4 or 5 spots on google? I’ll tell you how I did it but bare with me, it’s a long one but worth reading if you’re interested.

What I’m going to share isn’t something new. Most of you have heard about this company. Some as myself took a chance and have already claimed my area. I wanted to keep this short and to the point, but there’s just too much I want to touch on. So grab some popcorn. - I first saw and researched them several months ago when Tory made his post that seemed to go un-noticed to a certain degree. I had heard about them but didn’t understand what they were about. Seeing Tory (whose opinion I highly respect) talk highly of them caught my attention and I did my research. By the way, Thank you Tory

I pulled their website and searched every member’s city with the keywords “window washing, window cleaning and the city” First one I checked was Tory’s city “San Diego” ranking #2 behind his original website. If you search today it ranks #1 in the map placement (at least it does from my computer). San diego is a pretty big city as i’m sure everyone is aware of.

I searched several others and found so so results. But then what really sparked my excitement was when I got to Improved Outlooks cities in Wisconsin. He had 4 different cities done and 2 of them had outstanding results. Milwaukee has the #1 listing in google maps. While Mequon & Oconomowoc (you ready for this) has the first 4 spots in organic listings. The little I know and the money I have put into my original website going after that number one spot, this really caught my attention.

I called that night, left a message and Mark returned my call the next day. My question to him was why the guy in Milwaukee ranked so good (in some cases the first four spots) and others members aren’t ranking as well. Marks answer was Gabe in Milwaukee has supplied them with the information they need to produce fresh content. A lot of work I asked? Nope, all he did was get a review and take a picture of the customers house, send it to Mark and they do the rest. Get this though, this simple review and picture is a page of itself and ranks in one of the first four spots.

I claimed several area’s that day and several more later. I now have five websites and pretty much every city/town in my service area locked down preventing any other company from taking them. Four of the five area’s I have websites for are smaller towns, but loaded with very wealthy people. I’ll let you be the judge on how they are ranking. Just google:

Window cleaning Sandpoint
Window cleaning Newport wa
Window cleaning Post Falls id
Window cleaning Hayden id

All four of these were #1 within 4 weeks. Once I sent the pictures and reviews they have been number 1,2,3,4 for the last 3 or 4 months.

My Spokane area hasn’t quite got the number one spot, but if they got San Diego and Milwaukee (Much bigger cities) to number one, there’s no doubt they will get me there. Also my Post falls I sent too many reviews so it went from the first four listings to the first REALLY big listing.

Next question and a concern of mine was my phone hasn’t exactly been ringing off the hook. Well - I did start this in the fall (looking forward to the results in the spring) I have received a dozen or so calls, but having the first four spots should do better than this for me right? I was thinking maybe it was the look of the website people are directed too? This was one of my winter projects to talk to Mark and see what they could do. Just got an update and apparently they have been working on this for the past four months and it’s done. Check out the Louisville ky site. Dejay hasn’t been a member long, already ranking #4 and they have changed the look of the home page. That’s just part of the new update. There’s a lot more to come.

To close this out I’m just going to touch on a couple points

  1. First come first serve. Once an city is taken it’s un-touchable until the member gives it up. You can also lock down other little city/towns for future websites. Even these rank some, just not as well as the actual website areas. If you are interested ask Mark to explain this thouroughly to you - how to lock down areas and why you would want too etc… Or give me a call and I’ll explain my thought process. I’m pretty sure I got this one down :slight_smile:

  2. There’s no yearly contract. I think I committed to like 3 months, then it goes month to month. I would ask.

  3. To add fresh content to my website all I do is send them a customer review and picture/pictures.

  4. The domain name is 15 years old (I think) already ranks high very fast and is only going to get stronger. The more members they get the stronger their SEO program and the domain name will be. I’ve said this quite a lot this week - Again, I’m no SEO expert and know very little, but since every member is basically under the original - I think it’s going to strengthen every members website as new members come aboard.

  5. I know having the first spot on google is a pretty big deal. What about the first 4 spots. If you already have that number one spot, you can acheive two things by claiming your area. You could have several of the top spots and you’ll prevent another company from becoming a thorn in your side if you get the area first.

  6. The old website look may not be exactly what everyone is looking for, but in my opinion this company listens to their customers and will continue to update it until it does. I think this is going to be HUGE and wanted to share it with you “the Fine Folks of WCRA”

  7. My main website ranks pretty good for my major city, but here’s what I saw. For some of the smaller towns/cities it doesn’t dominate like I feel it could. This does exactly that.

Have a great weekend!!

The information above is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I would call them to confirm all the details and do your own research.

Also this thread wasn’t made for debate. I’m already a member and look it like this - my opinion is there’s HUGE potential in this site. That’s just my opinion. If you want to check it out, check it out. I’d bet these guys will sell every city. Personally I would rather see WCR members gobble them up.

and if you sign up for this, get a wcra membership too



I think what he was saying is “you should get a WCRA membership as well”

EDIT: Even after reading this it could still be misconstrued. What he was saying is Sign up for this and buy your WCRA membership at the same time.


@Justin - not trying to give you a hard time, but posting this here just ensured that every one of your competitors has this information and undoubtedly will use it to their own advantage. You might want to edit it to like one sentence.

Chris, no offense taken. I understand where you are coming from, but feel obligated to WCR to share this. I would rather see WCR members have as many locations as possible than company’s like Fish have one.

I’ll probably leave it up for a week, then edit it to the one sentence :wink:

Yeah Justin, what Chris said. Your site I’m building you will be very easy to adapt for local towns that your wanting to market to. I’ll be talking about it in NOLA.

Don as discussed on the phone the site you are building me will be my Pressure Washing Site. Different business name than my window cleaning. I’m looking forward to meeting you and learning how to adapt my pressure washing site to these local smaller towns.

Wouldn’t it be much more cost effective to build another website targeting those smaller areas?

From the examples Justin gave it doesn’t look like there is much competition in those smaller towns. It wouldn’t take much SEO work to get to the top of those towns ranking, and in the long run, way cheaper then paying monthly fee’s. It just seems now you are tied to paying them for years to maintain those spots.

Yea you’re right Ashley, I am tied to the monthly fees for pretty much EVER. And the area’s I picked do have very little competition. To be honest that was part of why I picked them. I wanted the first 4 spots. I doubt I’ll ever have the first 4 spots in my bigger city Spokane. Also doubt other members will ever have the first 4 spots in cities like San Diego or Milwaukee. But for me not knowing anything about SEO and the frustration I’ve been thru just trying to get my original site to rank well, I don’t mind spending the monthly fees knowing it’s going to be taken care of for me. Not sure if I’ve ever seen an individual website dominate the first 4 spots. I’ve seen two spots!! I know very little about SEO - a lot of you guys know way more than I’ll ever know, but I have a feeling this could be Huge. If I’m wrong then I simply opt out later. If I’m right, then I have Every location in my service area Locked down.

This Domain name is as strong as they come when it comes to window cleaning. It’s going to get stronger and stronger with every new member. The monthly fee I pay is appx 1 job.

It may not be for everybody, and there will probably be some people cussing me later when one of their competitors show up in the top 3 under - I’m not going to feel bad about it, I told everyone at pretty much the same time and in my eyes these guys are going to sell out anyways.

Now it’s just a race on who gets each area and if you’re an WCR member you have a head start :wink:

It sound’s like your business is similar to mine Justin. I’m never going to rank well for Toronto, and that’s part of the reason why I’ve set up shop in some of the smaller surrounding towns/cities. I don’t have hardly any website experience and SEO skills, but over the last few years I’ve been able to get organically #1 in my main city and # 2 or 3 in some of the surrounding areas. It was actually quite fun to try, and i’m pleased with the results so far. has started to show up in the searches in this area, in fact that’s how i first found out about them, so needless to say but i’m a bit worried that they will easily overtake me. Anyways that’s business i guess. Might be time to look for some professional SEO help.

Yea, it looks like they are #2 right behind our Boy Paneless perfection. How big is Toronto?

I looked at the other cities around Toronto and it looks like there are several that aren’t taken. How far do you travel?

Hey Yawl,

Justin hooked me up with W/, and at the end of the first month, September, I was on the first page of Window cleaning Seattle…at the bottom. Also w/ @ window cleaning Renton on the first page in the middle. This past week they have rebuilt the sites and on the Seattle site I’m right below Maps in one day and I’m sure I’ll be moving to the top in a short while .

On window cleaning Renton I’m one step below the top and there are two others of mine with w/ below my main site, all three are w/

Also on both pages for window cleaning Renton and Seattle my own business web site is on Google maps on the first page ! I’m paying very fair price for w/ and I’m moving up fast ! I bet by spring I’ll be at the top, and it’s important to keep giving W/ new pictures and reviews which keeps the pages fresh !

I’ve locked in about 5 other cities which I’ will get a web site made, and soon I’ll lock in 2 more ! Things are going to start rolling yawl !

Justin thanks for the turn on to W/ Bud !

Oh, Yawl try the Natural Sea-sponge…

Dange-Ster/The Full Range-Ster

Hey Yawl ,

I was searching the forum in the search bar, looking for [COLOR=“teal”]WINDOWCLEANING.COM,[/COLOR]I found this post from Chris the Founder about W/ and It’s showing some positive remarks about it !

Chris posted 10 months ago…Chris are you still feeling the same ? I hope so…

Also Tory had some good , very good things to say also and that was back in June !

I’m glad I’m hooked up with this great marketing tool !

Dange / Full-Range

You’re welcome, Dange

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