How would you outfit this rig for WFP?

[COLOR=Blue]I have attached a photo of one of my trucks. This is an old photo. the trailer has a toolbox and a tailgate now and [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]nicer wheels, etc… [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]but the truck is basically the same just with more graphics,

Question is, if you were going to outfit this rig with WFP, what would you do? Mount the WFP in the truck bed under the cap or get a portable unit for the trailer.

I am going to add a ladder rack to the truck and be mounting some hose reels and storage boxes on the trailer this winter but I am trying to figure out what is the best way to go with a WFP set up.

Thanks for the help.[/COLOR]

Hello Steve.

Without a doubt I would go with this system here.

This will produce enough water ‘on demand’ to run your pole all day.

Simply hook up a 12v battery to it and a water supply and your rocking and rolling.

You could mount it on the trailer or in the truck under the cap. If you are mounting reels on the trailer then I would mount the system near them so that you could attach the hoses to the system and simply pull your hoses when you arrive on site.

thats a nice system

Well I was thinking of mounting reels for my pressure washer, not necessarily a WFP. I think I would like to mount the WFP set up under the truck cap for protection. Since the side windows open I could run the hose out through them. A couple of questions though.

  1. Does the unit come already mounted to a board as shown? Does it ship that way?

  2. How often do I need to change the filters?[/COLOR]

I tell you what! That wall mount unit is flat bad

No it does not come mounted to a board. Thats simply for showing what is included. You actually would receive long sections of those hoses and tube so that you could mount it in anyway you see fit.

How often you have to change the filters will depend on the incoming water supply and how often you use your system.

Many people that use systems like this can get up to a year out of each of the components and the ro membrane should last you 2-3 years if properly flushed after each use.

[COLOR=Blue]What other components would I need for a complete set up and approx what would it cost total? I am really interested in setting up this truck with a perm mounted system.




The other items you might want to complete this system are hoses, hose reels, and pole.

The system itself will produce the water with no additional parts needed.(other then the battery)

One hose reel with garden type hose to feed the system and another hose reel with 3/8 hose to supply the pole.

Depending on how you set it up, it might be a good idea to stack the 2 reels to save space on the bed of the truck. We sell Cox reels and feel they are the best in the business.

We stock all these hoses, reels, stacking brackets, poles, etc.