How would you utilize this exposure

So having bought a new tool I called the local paper. The ran a story (it printed today) and here it is on the blog. The actual paper is below…

Any thoughts on utilizing the exposure? As is, its on the front business section page.

I never thought they would run almost full page article. Cool huh!?

Better image?

Use your imagination, it would cost you a fortune for advertising like this! I’d put it everywhere I could, website, flyers, postcards, etc…

That’s great. You just hit the lottery.

And I will be calling my local papaer first thing tomorrow!!

That’s great Adrian. Your good credibility just skyrocketed!

Thanks. Big Kev gave me the website idea too which has been done. Although just a link for now.

Flyers an interesting idea? Hmm how would that work.

Yes great coverage indeed. And free!

Its worth a shot. Were in about a 50,000 population / town so I guess it was newsworthy.

Yes it was nice to have a boost like that. Front page too.

How about postcards? I’m just thowing this out.

Wording on one side, picture on the other:

[I][B]Clear, beautiful glass for your home![/B][/I]


“At six stories above the ground, you don’t want streaks,” said Deines. “You want clear, beautiful glass.”

Sweet Adrian. What pole did you have before the mad max? I liked the scrub brush name the writer choose

Yeah I thought he was humorous too.

My other pole is the IPC 35ft er’. I believe its not available anymore. You using mad max too?