Howdy Everyone!

Howdy. My name is Will and I am new here. I hope to learn alot from you guys/girls. I am probably the youngest on this forum being only 18. Hope to start window cleaning business soon.

Hi bigWILL. where are you from?

Im from Kentucky

Welcome BigWill!

what’s up BigWill!
dang! now I’m not the youngest anymore…jerk :slight_smile:

Whats up Big Willllll!!! Big B here. Welcome, stick around you will learn a lot here.

Where’s Chang Mai located?


Chang Mai is located in the upper province of Thailand where I lived for a bit.

Welcome aboard Will!

Where are you now?

Merritt Island, Florida (per his website.)

y’all want my address too :smiley:

Oh i always thought you (ewec) was still/always in thailand…
Whats it like over there (thailand) ?

Ha ha…cleaning windows in Thailand, that would be a story!

It was awesome. Of course a third world country. Went to Burma (or referred to as Myanmar) when the Government was doing some crazy things to the monks…I’m sure some people have kept up with world politics and heard about the craziness going on there, well I was there when it started.

Got to live in the mountains with the tribe people, it was an experience I would rather not do again any time soon :slight_smile: Spiders and rats the size of Footballs…Oh and I had a Cobra chase me on a mountain side! I have a lot of stories, too many to tell.

Oh i didn’t know of their lack of winda’s…:slight_smile:

Sounds interesting…

You said “Howdy!” For a moment my heart swelled with pride thinking that another brave soul and patriot of Texas had joined the board. Ahh well, now that I am crushed, All I have the heart to say is howdy back.


Welcome A-board!

Get it “board”!

Like forum “board”

Nevermind, It’s past my bedtime.