Hows the Window Cleaning in Myrtle Beach SC?

Hello everyone! Currently I and my family live in upstate NY. For the past couple of years we have been thinking about moving out of NY and down to Myrtle Beach SC. My wifes father retired and moved down there a few years ago. Recently he said things are really booming down there. Two reasons I would like to move. 1. winters are pretty hard on us when the cash flow get tight and 2. Having a business in NY just sucks. OK maybe three reasons, cost of living is way to high. I would love to get some feedback from other window cleaners located in and around Myrtle Beach. Would it be worth the move and relocating my business and family to SC. With relatively nice weather all year round I see that as a huge plus. This is my second year window cleaning and it seems like this year is slower then last year was. I have a handful of commercial accounts and a couple regular residential from last year, so it’s not a huge lose on my end to start over. Any input about how business is in the Myrtle Beach area would be GREAT. Thanks Brian.

Me too, hopefully I get some info.

Good luck with the move. My best friend and his wife are on vacation there right now and they are looking to move there as well. It is booming there from what he tells me. He is not in the w/c business so I have no direct info for you. I would do it though just based on what you are telling us. There is plenty of glass and sounds like plenty of money there.

One thing to keep in mind

why isn’t it working where you are now? Is it the market or is it you? Not trying to be rude but lots of guys in NY seem to do pretty good. About 4 years ago I had to stop and ask is it me or something else? It’s true that the market does matter but after a self examination I’ve doubled my business.

so just keep in mind the grass isn’t always greener. If you do it more power to you but it will be harder than you think at first.

Myrtle beach is a beach resort town…so if you think winters are bleak where you are now… haha. Weather will be better at Myrtle Beach, but it will be a ghost town in the winter.

New York is a HUUUUUGE state, probably 95% rural, but I do agree with you about the grass being greener.

California is small :slight_smile:

Yeah I thought of the winters down there and how it turns into a “ghost town”. I figure that the surrounding area has full time residents who would need servicing. If nothing else we save on our heating bill. I know of one other window cleaning company close to me who’s doing well but hes been doing it for 25 years. I’m sure a few counties below me are doing better because they are closer to NYC. Most of my residential customers are from the city, authors, artists or Hollywood, people who have money and can afford it. For now I’m going to double up on my advertising and see if that helps.

No one want to give up the info. about the myrtle beach/ Conway area huh?? Currently Business has picked up considerably thanks to more advertising and raving reviews from customers passing around the word. However, I’m still interested in moving down south. I see there are a few companies in the area, not much different from up here, so I’m guessing there is business down there.

[MENTION=1103]johnedwardlee[/MENTION] and [MENTION=33]sethfenster[/MENTION] can maybe chime in? They have both cleaned in Myrtle Beach a while back

Lots of restaurants and retirement homes. The season there is very slow from Oct till Easter. Because the cost of living in SC is not high neither is the pay. You will need to price competitive



yeah, SC cost of living very reasonable.

The pay?

for window cleaning? [B]As a region[/B], we are lower than what I hear from New England. I would say I [B]personally[/B] am in the top third nationally. That’s possible because I work for many who are very wealthy – retirees, second home owners, etc. It will be a challenge to get top prices year round in Myrtle Beach.

The cost of living in NY is killing me plus I like my firearms <a href=“” title=“Smiley”><img src=“” alt=“Smiley” border=“0” /></a> , another reason why SC is looking pretty nice. I wouldn’t imagine the pricing difference would be that drastic, few bucks her and there, I can live with that. Also with my wife’s father is down there, he would be our Free babysitter, so my wife can get a part time job if she wants to and help with the income. We are still weighing out the pros and cons but so far MB is winning.

Looking forward to what the locals have to say on this area. Seems like a great opportunity for your family.