Huck Towels how many at a time?

What weight do you normally buy your towels at?

I buy 10 -20 scrims at a time. Usually 2 scrims will last me a day.

Just microfibers myself

I normally get about 50-75 lbs depending on how much laundry I feel like doing :smiley:

Always 25lb plus.

Go to :
I have ordered massive amounts from them. Great quality Huck Surgical Towel. There are cheap imitations out there so watch out. Thread counts can be low and they wont retain water well. I got his company name from MWCOA when I used to belong over there. I used to use ERC Wiping products surgical towels. Way too expensive compared to Burdisco. The last time I ordered from ERC, They sent me the cheap imitations and they sucked big time. They get you hooked and then switch to the cheap stuff. Go with Burdisco- Great quality and great price.


I buy 100 lbs at a time