Huck towels!

Today when I was detailing the window I just got done cleaning, I was noticing little pieces of white fuzzy lint coming from my HUCK!!! Does anybody know if thats normal??:mad::mad::mad:

If it’s blue lint your huck is probably worn out.
If it’s white lint you got it off of something else. Do you wash and dry your hucks separately from other laundry?

I got my hucks from WCR… I wash them separately.

Was your lint trap full? Sometimes this can/will cause this…

so how do i get rid of the fuzzies on the window its like static that keeps them there!!! UGH

I bought a box from Detroit Sponge before I knew about WCR and got the exact same thing. Once I washed them it went away but the new ones had it pretty bad.

[QUOTE=guaranteedclean;78731]I bought a box from Detroit Sponge before I knew about WCR and got the exact same thing. Once I washed them it went away but the new ones had it pretty bad.[/QUOT

Did u add any soap or just water and how did u dry them?? dryer sheet??

When washing use as little soap as possible. Do not add dryer sheet or fabric softener when drying.

Also, sometimes when cleaning windows in direct sunlight the glass seems to attract lint more. Frustrating I know. This is why improving your squeegee technique will cut down on a lot of detailing.


I actually didn’t add any soap so I just washed with straight water and then dried plain without dryer sheets.

I’m gonna have to ask the moderating team to flag you for excessive exclamation point usage.

If the practice continues, filters will be set up. Let’s not go there, people.

haha - Huck towels are weird, sometimes when we get them the are brand new some times they are bloody. But usually they are in between. I find that they get better with age, we wash ours 10 + times before using. Just wash with straight water no soap, and dry on high. They will constantly kick lint out…

Your dryer lint filter will be filled with blue lint and bloody tissue for a while.

Ok, sorry i’ll try to control my exclamations on here, My kids get mad at me when i text them and I always use alot of exclamations. LOL

I washed my hucks last week before I did my job and the windows came out lint free!! Thanks for all your help…:slight_smile:

ha!!! i was thikning the same thing!!! OMG!!!

Been looking for some decent Huck towels and i see mention of WCR how is the thread count? i cant tell you the level of disappointment from my last order, they might as well be pieces of window screen painted blue. Anyways i really need to find some good towels, my last good order of 50 Huck towels lasted me a very satisfactory 3 years and now business is really picking up and i have to have more good towels, if they are good thread count and and you think they will last a while then i am willing to pay for them, let me know, i would very much appreciate it.

I’d suggest getting some scrim. One scrim replaces dozens of hucks and it’s incredibly durable.

I bought the scrim and hate it. I feel as if repels water. Maybe mine is different and needs washed 100 more times, but its definatley not as n-absorband as a hucck im my opinion

King of Rags Superstore Home Page

extremely happy with the quality of the hucks i purchased from these guys.

It has to be broken in first. Most guys forget that the hucks they buy are either used or prewashed dozens of times before they get them. I wash and dry my new scrim 4-5 times before use. Can’t be beat!