Huddle House-How long?

I need a little help here. My company is mostly residential but we picked up a regional chain of restaurants and travel centers. It seems to me that the guys working for me are too used to residential and taking too long on these jobs. Case in point: One of my guys took 3 hours to do a Huddle House exactly like this one:

I’m sure he used a ladder on every window and polished them to perfection, but for crying out loud, 3 hours? He said there were people eating etc… but they are open 24, so we don’t have the luxury of doing them before they are open. Also, it was not a NCCU, but he said there was a lot of construction residue because this place hasn’t been open very long.

Can anyone give me a rough estimate on how long a place like this should take? The windows you see in the picture are all that there are. Also, if you don’t mind sharing what you would have priced this at.

From the looks of it (and bear in mind I don’t do commercial anymore) I’d say for just one guy an hour or hour and a half depending on how busy the place was.

Weekly or every two weeks, 20 minutes tops. Possibly 30 minutes for the initial cleaning.

1 guy should take 30 minutes tops

I agree, 20-30 min.
Have them start on the inside and do all the windows that don’t have customers in front of them. When customers leave, run inside and clean the windows you missed.

Thanks for the replies guys

Are you all using a scrubber/squeegee combo?

How much do those help speed up the work?

Do you plan your work at so many windows per minute?

Steve, I’m in your exact same position, mostly residential and picking up some commercial work, and after reading here I figure it takes me longer than what it should, BUT I wouldn’t worry too much since once they go over that store one time they’ll realize how to attack it next time, and they’ll much faster.

If your coming from resid. work probably your not very good at poling, so you use a ladder every time, and is that what’s consuming their time, not the actual window.

Hope it makes sense.


one person 30-45 minutes
2 people 20 minutes or so.

20 minutes? Really?

I blaze and i can’t do em in 20. Here’s why:

Looks like ya need a pole outside. Do those in about 7-10. However, inside, even if empty, you gotta climb over or into each seat and dry the sills.

Hauling cheese? 30 minutes.

here’s a tip: Make sure the deal covers the fact that NO windows is cleaned IF is has occupants. No one likes to be interrupted for the window cleaner.

Rather than asking for the best time to show…tell em the time frame you will appear. Before breakfast, or before lunch or after lunch but before dinner etc. train your mamagers to simply expect you to do the best YOU can when YOU can.

30 min is screaming. It would probably to a hour to hour in a half. Doing a good job. Probably could get it done in 30 but won’t be perfect. But im still new at this.

I can understand how it would take more than an hour on an initial clean. Happens all the time for me.

This job would probably take me around 40 min on average depending on how many customer were inside. I wouldn’t ladder anything. THIS IS WHERE A 0° SQUEEGEE HANDLE ROCKS. (either Unger or ettore contour pro) I would try to get $50 for this job.

Dealing with insides and customer:
• Get it from the manager when is the quietest time of the day and try to hit them around that time.
• start the inside first.
• point out to the manager which windows couldn’t be done because of customers at the tables.
• Ask him to put reserved signs if possible on those tables after they leave (while you are completing the outside.)
• Hopefully you’ll be able to come back in and finish up. Let the manager know that any window you can’t get to because of customers can be taken care of by his staff.

I do not agree with that concept at all. But, with respect and experience in my market.

let me explain why; there are two different mind-sets here so you’ll need to decide which one suits ya.

If the WC makes it a point to disturb his schedule for the gig, he/she had better included such time variances in the bid. hard to do IMHO.
However, each market is different and that may be allowable on yours.

Train the managers to understand you are showing up within decent time frames and do what you can to clean without disturbing HIS clients.

It really depends on how YOU see it. Having done it both ways, I use the way i mentioned. It is easier, faster and no one is upset.

I do a Huddle House every two weeks at 5:00 am before they open and it takes about 1 to to 1 -1/2 Hours in and out, the inside is a real pain because of the boths and the tables. The one I do looks a little larger. I do in and out with a pole and I do the entrance glass and wipe everything and detail all windows. Someone is being paid by the Hour is my guess if it takes them 3 Hours to do this job ? Please let me know if I’m right on this. Milk Time

Actually I pay commission (30%) and we charge $75 for the store ins/outs. So the tech makes $22.50. My thinking was that at 1.5 hrs, the tech makes $15 hr for the job. As it is now, he makes $7.50 but this was the initial clean.

I think we can get it to 1.5 hours as we do more training with poles. In the Spring I will deploy my super secret commercial window cleaning weapon that should bring it down to 1 hour.

The on restaurant i have the owner is aware that i cannot hang out all day waiting for customers to leave, and that he will be billed the same each time even if the one window or sometimes 2 are not cleaned on that visit. im lucky though as some people will actually volunteer to move for the 2 min it takes me to clean the window. Of course this is not fine dinning, sit at your table for 3 hrs type of place though.
The place i do usually gets all windows done each time.

Please let me know about this when you can, ( In the Spring I will deploy my super secret commercial window cleaning weapon that should bring it down to 1 hour)
This sounds interesting.

my secret weapon and new best friend for jobs like this huddle house is my new sorbo 30 inch.

I’d like to learn how to really use my 36".

Maybe you can shoot a video?

for a job like that id use short pole and pole right down , no fanning…youd really fly like that.

I’ll post up pictures when I get the project completed. It will be like the Bradley Fighting Vehicle of commercial storefront window cleaning.