Huge Time Savings with a Water Fed Pole

My employees and I just finished my biggest account for the season last week; it’s a 200K acre ranch that includes a combination of 35 different homes, offices, barns, cabins, and various other structures. Last year I wasn’t real comfortable with the WFP so I didn’t use it much on this job. After a year of getting used to the whole WFP thing and installing a portable tank set up in my trailer, we totally rocked the job this year. Last year it took 206 hrs to complete the job and this year we knocked it down to about 160! I figured the 22% reduction in labor saved me about $1500 in labor costs.

nice, congrats on the savings. wfp is not only a timesaver but life saver too.

Sweet Congrats Ryan…I like the new pic!

The savings in labor cost just paid for your WFP set up ! Nice

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