Hummer h3?

I don’t know about you guys but driving a truck all the time gets old. I thought about buying a h3 hummer and putting a partial wrap on it.

Is this a wise choice?

Insurance on hummers is high!

They dont have a lot of interior room for equipment.

Don’t they also get horrible gas mileage?

You could keep the vehicle you have and get a Prius. Thats what I did, get one of those cage trays for the back of car that goes in your hitch for the bucket, attach some pcp pipe for poles. I’ll try to take a pic from my setup

I would say “no”. Get a Ford Transit Connect. Looks cool and has plenty of room and decent mileage. Plus it’s cheaper than a Hummer.

The gas mileage so the same on my f150

The interior room would be some what tight.

What about the image of that over a truck or a van?

PS you guys were supposed to tell me it’s a great idea! :slight_smile: jk

The transit is the overall best choice for a window cleaner ad the Chevy express 1500 as a second choice. I just get tired of driving a commercial vehicle.

Great idea… there you go, feel better… lol :o

Thats funnyy!

I would have to agree with the Ford Transit Connect. If you compare the mileage with the Chevy Express the savings in gas with the Transit Connect will pay for the vehicle over a ten year period based on approx 15k driving per year.

I know this because I have a Chevy Express Van and we are thinking of Buying The Ford Transit Connect as our second vehicle.

Chevy Astro van is what you need

There’s no way I could cram all my **** into a Transit Connect.

Everyone is different but I am more of a minimalist. On a rare occasion I don’t have something I don’t need but less is more IMO

i like this idea…i would be excited to see pictures of your setup. i use a kia rondo because it is flexable and the mileage is good.

Try parking that H3 anywhere lol

I’m just about to pull the trigger on converting my Exploder into a work-only truck and buying myself something sporty and new.

The last H3 I saw in town with a wrap on it was a restaurant chain owner. He closed up shop BTW :frowning:

I get the feeling of how you feel, but [I]the question is how would your clients feel? [/I]Do you want to pull up on a job and look like a kid that just wants to drive something cool and get to right it off? Or a professional? That would depend on your market area. But remember this is a business decision, not a feel warm and fuzzy one :slight_smile:

Nissan is coming out with a smaller version of they nv cargo van, transit size maybe a little bigger

H3 would turn some heads. Just don’t get a yellow one, looks like a school bus for a$$holes!

I actually forgot about the small nv and fiat is bringing a small van under the Ram commercial line later this year. Benz has a really cool small van but won’t bring it to the states. I hate that we can get those smaller commercial vans but instead we have gas guzzling beasts all over the place.