Humour at self thought I would share

OK, we need a dumb ass category to poke fun at ourselves, besides others being critical of us.

So for the last two weeks I have been wondering if my technique, which was just fine up till now, was self destructing… boom…

I have been watching videos and trying to learn more so I can speed up, and maybe get better techniques. What I found was, I already knew how to fan, and the super swirl was only an extension of that technique, so it is all good there.

One fellow posted his trick on how to edge better simply by swiping the edges first with the squeegee. So, no problem off to think and try…

For the last month having a hell of a time, getting worse not better, much more detailing, more streaks, more lines, more everything. I was thinking, am I tired, relay not good at this anymore, what is going on.

Well dumb ass me, realized yesterday, that because it has been getting warmer at nights, I was … what, getting lazy and leaving my window gear in the van overnight, thinking it was WARM ENOUGH … LOL… - the fricken stuff was frozen… the blades were not preforming well, the scrubber was not performing well… LOL at myself…

Gee when I warmed them up, at a job yesterday, it was cleaning contract that I do general cleaning and the windows as well. (added built into the price) I tried the windows, first horrible results, said, maybe my mind is not there, put the stuff inside the entrance area, and 2 hrs, later tried again. I - it worked great… then it hit me, it was really only 2 degrees above freezing, so maybe it is not as warm as I first thought…

So for all you newbies out there, this long winded, laugh at myself, :eek: just might help you as well :smiley:


Make sure you use the soft rubber! Hard rubber for warmer climates.

It was the soft one, after it thawed out of course :slight_smile:

Dull rubber will give you a hard time too!

Do you use put new rubbers in after 2 days of heavy use. Do you flip the rubbers after one? Or have you been using the same rubber for a long time now?

a rubber with a hole in it can be dangerous also…

brand new rubber,
left in the holster that had water I forgot to drain, left overnight in freezing conditions,
so frozen - brand new rubber, when it thawed out, it worked great!
but the list of things to make sure of is very good and thanks for the thoughts

who now empties the holster, and brings it in everynight

I have had a frozen bucket(s) far too many times to discuss…

I am always amazed when I realize I forgot it… again.

indeed, what a mess it could be…