Hurricane IKE?

There seems to be alot of tape on windows here in Houston. I happen to have a scraper.

They say good things come to those who wait. LOL

And a stack of waivers.

I hope you also have a plan.

I wish you well during this ‘storm’. It has been some time since you guys had a cane blow through.

Hunker down.

And invoices.

And deposit slips.

woops…I did not mean to hit post.

In the pool (wtf = where’s the frogs).

Yesss…deposit slips…(in the Sesame Street Count voice)

elite, we here in fla definately know the issues that go along with hurricanes, but, this storm looks like its gonna create some major problems. I think the whole nation is at risk here with the oil refineries, and the gas prices that will come along with any damage they may get. But with that said, we all need to remember what the people in the path of this beast are going to be going through. wish you all the best…


How did you make out during the storm. I know your home burned recently, and I am sure that you are living somewheres else for now. But, you guys get your electricity back on yet. I heard that there is 1.8 million people in the greater Houston area that might not get power back for four weeks or more.

I have been down here with TX-TF1 since last Tuesday (9-9 “I think”). Today we finaly had enough down time to grap a Notebook PC and logon.

Anyways, if you get out by Reliant Park…just kidding…

But seriously good luck. Hope your family is well and you guys keep trucking with the new digs.:slight_smile:

The good news is, I think they have plenty of volunteers in the area. I have a class a cdl license and for Katrina I helped out and ran some loads of water over that way, I was told that for Ike, they are pretty well staffed for issues like that.

All the money FEMA gets & it seems a little strange with the conditions…

// Shelter Residents Decry Conditions - YouTube