Hydrophobic window cleaning?

Okay fellas, was checking out this UK website, really nice site by the way…and these guys are talking about hydrophobic window cleaning this is what they say:

Can someone tell me if this is real?

A solvent based mixture of nano particles is added to our purified water supply and as the solvent evaporates it leaves behind lots of tiny
little particles in the water, the water being pure absorbs these nano particles into its molecular structure.
As your windows are cleaned the purified water leaves the nano particles on the glass surface and as they are smaller than the surface
structure of glass they key to its surface, invisible to the naked eye they behave as a water repellent and will continue to keep glass surfaces clean for very long periods of time.
This results in the client being able to reduce the amount of window cleaning visits per year which not only saves a lot of time and money but also means that less water is used and also less carbon emissions emitted from our vehicles!

Hydrophobic reach and wash window cleaning refers to the nature of molecular structure and the bonding of water, dirt, and chemical components. The basic idea is that pure water can be used to clean window surfaces, often extended from a pole, rather than some of the more traditional methods. Because ladders and traditional cleaning methods are often dangerous, the purified water theory is one that has
been tested with great success.

The increased safety of this window cleaning method really can’t be argued. What is equally as impressive is that one would be hard pressed
to claim that this system didn’t clean better as well. For a spot free clean the hydrophobic water fed pole window cleaning method is definitely the way to go.

If we think of purified water as water that is in an unnatural state of being, it would make sense that the water would be attracted to returning to its natural state of being. Purified water is “uncomfortable” being purified and it wants to return to the trace elements that are found in water. Thus, when it is used as a cleaning agent for windows, the water molecules literally bind to the dirt molecules.

When the purified water hits the glass surface the dirt molecules are absorbed by the water, as this is the effort to return its more natural state. The water molecules bond to the dirt molecules and thereby remove the dirt from the glass surface. The final rinse washes away the dirt that is now bonded to the water and because you are still using purified water it rinses clean and dries without leaving any trace material behind. Thus, there are not spots on the glass.

By leading the water through a long pole, one that can reach several stories high, the cleaning process can be done without ever touching a ladder or climbing into a potentially hazardous position.

The final rinse washes away any droplets that are hanging onto the dirt molecules and since the purified water rinse has no trace elements, the window dries perfectly clean. Without spots or the traditional squeegee marks, the clarity of the window is much improved.

Hydrophobic window cleaning methods using water fed poles are nano based water repellent solvents that are added to the pure water to create a barrier on the glass that will keep the surface clean for up to 4 times as long and have been developed into full practical applications. Ncpm247.com is currently the ONLY window cleaning company in the world to provide such a service, with both the money saving element and also the environmental benefits of reduced window cleaning visits our client list is growing at an astonishing rate!
Other companies such as Vistec Ltd use products that have very similar results as our system, they need to be hand applied and also cost thousands of pounds whereas our system costs little more than a standard window wash and can be applied using modified reach and wash equipment.

While some are hesitant to believe that mere water can do a better job overall, the proof is really in the pudding. Using this system you will see a remarkable difference in the quality of clean your windows receive and also the length of time that they remain clean for too. It only takes once to make a believer out of most consumers.

If you would like a quote please do call my office on 0844 5499 247 my team will always be happy to assist you.

Nathan Colwell (Director)

Anyone hear of this before, I have not. If you have…is this all true.


Nope. Sorry.

This made me laugh :smiley: check out their video ad on youtube London Window Cleaners www.Ncpm247.com - YouTube

They say “satelite technology” used for quotes, that is obviously google maps, and the hydrophobic solution they add to the water is plain old rain-X lolololol

The video says it all… right after their satellites spy on your glass, there’s the big fat RainX logo.

The only thing that is exclusive about them is their wording


Triple C Window Cleaners uses the finest, nuclear grade anoin cold liquid purification techniques in a secure, government regulated and inspected heavy duty transport unit made of reinforced steel and space age polymers.

(I strap my DI tank to the back of my Ford Explorer’s passenger seat)

I’ve heard of them - they do pretty good SEO. But they do over elaborate the work.