Hydropower ro

hello someone has plans to change an unger hydropower to a ro I know the surroundings but the connection side is more complicated thank you to everyone


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i do not understand, do you mean connect?

hello sorry for my english i have an unger hydropower membrane 4040s and sediment i want to know how to connect everything sometimes i see three pipes on the membrane 2 times thank you !!!

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On the RO housing, there are 3 connections

  • The Inlet (sole port at one end)
  • The Outlet (in the center, opposite end of the Inlet)
  • The Waste (off-center of the Outlet but at the same end)

Looks to be a slick set-up you’ve got cooking there.:sunglasses:

thanks for your advices!!! do you know the size of the membrane holes :)))

Hi!!! I need help lol