HydroStation 1 Review

Have been using the HydroStation 1 for the last few weeks. I am very impressed with the waterflow just from tap pressure. It fits perfect in the back of my pickup truck. The pressure washer produces 4 gallons a minute. Works great with the xjet but would need a few adaptions to downstream. The Honda engine can also be used to increase the water flow with the RO if you want to run multiple poles. You can get it custom-made to fit your needs. It would make a great unit for mobile wash. Hydrostation three can produce 10 gallons per minute of pure water. Call me for pricing.

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that is a monster setup!

you are really running 1500psi into the filters and housings? I check a few places and they have limits of 200psi for pvc tubes and 300 for stainless steel housing?

edit: i did just find a 1000psi rated fiberglass housing…

You bypass the filters when you use the pressure washer. Except for Hydra station three. It has three ROt and can produce 10 gpm

This system also quick connect to a tank

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This thing is insane… We have been having a lot of fun with it…

This makes me want to use a few choice expletives. Now, I know where I am graduating to.

This would be great. Best of both worlds in one unit. This would be a space saver and a time saver. I gotta know how much it costs. Why not tell us without making us call?

I have been PWing and soft washing for years now but dont see the reason behind this set-up, what am I missing?

10gpm on an RO unit is massive compared to the .5 gpm I’ve seen.

So what’s the purpose behind this system? What does it exactly do? Why the pressure washer?


The base unit cost about 5Gs

The price can flex so much 2Gs either way depending on what you want in it. The reason for the call is so we can chat with you and figure out your exact needs then customize the system to fit exactly what you need.

John is very knowledgable and easy to talk with. Hes not a high pressure sales guy, the call would be fully informational and not salesy. In a few weeks we will have a lot of the different configurations built into the store… But theres so many options with this thing a call just makes it super easy.

Their are areas in the country where the TDS is 900 to 1200. If you soft wash or PW with that water it will leave lots of spots on the surface. For this reason IPC has designed a 5 stage filtration unit that can produce pure water at a capacity that will meet the demand of a PW pump. Also mobile wash companies that wash cars were driving 20 miles to fill their tanks with RO water. This unit saves them time and money. In the east coast we have good soft water for the most part and can PW with tap water. I can see where this unit could be built to suit your needs as a soft wash for homes and pure water unit for window cleaning that would take up very little space in your truck or van and be easily removed when needed. The price is very competitive to what you would spend if you bought all these items separate. Can put together a custom system that meets your business needs. Just give me a call 8653100728

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