Hydrostorm rain repellent for WFPs?

I was surfing around and came across a window cleaner in the UK who uses some product called Hydrostorm rain repellent in their WFPs.

This seems to defeat the purpose of pure water, but what do I know.

I sent them an email a few minutes ago hoping they might tell me about this product, as I did a small search with my phone and came up dry. I also searched WCR and came up empty.

Anyone ever hear of this stuff? And wouldn’t introducing any chem into your pure water kinda defeat the whole point of using pure water cleaning?

I did a similar search and had the same results. I think perhaps this video sheds some light on it: London Window Cleaners www.Ncpm247.com - YouTube

Notice the video displays a rain x logo in it. Perhaps they use rain x, but now use a different name for it when making reference to it, so the competition don’t find out. Just a thought.

If rain x is a distilled product then it may work with pure water

I had a customer that was from the UK who now lives in the US request that I put Rain X on their skylights a few years back. I guess they thought the skylights would stay cleaner longer. Maybe they did. I don’t know. I only clean their windows and sky every 3 years or so.

I have two windows on my house with hydrophobic coatings on them, just to test them out. They definitely stay cleaner for longer, but the process of sealing the glass is time consuming. I think I would only be interested in working it into my business if it was a quick application, like say just adding it to your cleaning solution.