I am new...and you will not forget me

I say that because being forgotten is the single most insulting thing on earth. Anyway guys I just moved to Corpus Christi at the beginning of April. I decided I was going to do windows so I changed my phone # to 361-win-dows ( nobody had it!!!) I’m trying to get this thing going so my wife and kids can move over here. I had to move alone at first before uprooting everyone and it failing ands being stuck along way from home. I’ve already done a few houses. Heck today and yesterday I did 394 PAINS. Now I know why everyone hates France. Anywho I take way to long and am way to obsessed with them being perfect. I am not saying that I am great… I just fear bad word of mouth and not pleasing the customer , I want them to recomend me. I just need to find BaLaNCe. Oh well I will shut up now.


Wow, you sound tired.
Welcome man.

Why yes I was and am. I just realize how many things I misspelled. Ohh well .

How come you didn’t just start the biz where your wife and kid are?

Welcome. Should I imply from your post that you are from France?

We are all here to help. Lean on us.



Welcome. You’ll do just fine with some good direction here!

Welcome to the madness of wcing I’ve been doing this biz for going on 7 years. I learn something new all the time. There plenty on this forum and plenty of people to learn from. Go forward young man and prosper!

Why thank you everyone. The reason for not cleaning windows where my family is at is because we were out in the middle of nowhere. Heck 80% of the town is on welfare… LITERALY! We wanted to live on the beach and Corpus has 500,000 people (so Ive been told) with beach houses .so I changed my phone and am getting it started. Also my son is finishing school. Only 15 days of school left.

flyers flyers flyers didi i mention fliers?!! Don’t worry about perfection! will kill you on time and money. The windows that you need to be perfect on is the kitchen, living room or bedroom where they spend the most time, if those are clean or see you being meticulous then they will think the rest is as clean.

What?? Are you saying half ass the rest of the house? We clean every window the same, perfect! We get paid good money so why should we half ass any part of our job? I think that maybe you should bid your jobs a little better so you don’t have to rush to make the job worth it. Humm… so if other window cleaning companys in my area are doing work like this I now see why I have pick up so many customers that said thier last window cleaner skipped or missed windows.


Perfectionism and window cleaning go hand in hand. Speed will come with experience. Welcome to a great website and forum.

Ya bid the job right and do a good job.

+1, yea your name and reputation are on the line. Good word of mouth will send your business to new heights, bad word of mouth will, well squash your business like a bug.

GC1, dude you look 20ft. tall in your avatar. The headlines will read, the gutter cleaning giant strikes again:D.

ThAAAnk…Youuu…! ;-)~

Hahaha! Good one. :smiley: