I am NOT on SALE

Since I am new in the business and still learning as I go, in need of building up business, I had thought about offering discounts in my marketing to drum up business.

I have decided, I am NOT on SALE! Since I am new, no doubt I will be making less per hour as it is. I need to earn as much as the next guy or gal. My work will be quality guaranteed, no sloppy work even if it takes me 5 times longer to get the job done. So when I do leave a job site, I have well earned every $.

What I would rather do and will do, even if it means that the business grows slower, I will donate what I would have discounted to charitable organizations, such as a local Food Shelter.

Feeling very confident and GREAT!
Joie ~ N. CA


I totally understand your position here about charity, and furthermore I commend your giving spirit. But I would be a bit more business savvy with your assessts. If you truly want to grow your business, keep it seperate from your personal effects. Reinvest that money into advertising for your company. If you must have a charitable cause, do it out of your personal accounts.

Please don’t take me the wrong way here, Joie. I am certainly not trying to crush your spirit or portray evil feelings regarding charity, as I give to my share of organizations. This is just my $0.02.

Good Luck.

I totally agree, I certainly feel the same. My thinking is, that 20% or what ever, is better spent on me, for advertising and giving, it all works out as it is all money in my pocket to work and grow with. And … your 2 cents is money well spent! Thanks!

Joie ~ N. CA

I agree with you’re thinking.
My business does give every month to humanitarian work over seas, but I only started doing that when I had the money to do it.
Gotta pay yourself first!