I am really stuck any help out there?

An eternity ago I was sitting at my desk doing Autocad drafting work in the Minneapolis MN area. Then, I got blown out the door. My old boss said “Hey, it’s a temp layoff.” he would call every few weeks and say I had to wait.

Well, this went on for a couple of months. Finally I started looking for anything else and of course I didn’t find much. I saw an ad for that WindowAcademy course and bought that and I found some super cheap cleaning stuff on CriagsList, which is weird because I keep looking and I have never found anything like that since.

In any case I went out and got a job washing a woman’s windows and cleaning her yard. Then I found a second situation like that. Unfortunately winter hit and I can’t seem to find any window washing stuff. Part of it is that I have only worked a couple of jobs.

I am willing to hustle. In fact I out an add on CL asking if someone would teach me how to do interior painting and I would pay them a little or work as a volunteer to learn. The real problem is I have gone through the unemployment and I am on the extension and I had to borrow money from a relative so any day I could be out on the street.

So if someone in the twin cities could use some help or if you could teach me some marketing or various skills so I don’t have to be stuck I would be very appreciative.

Also as goofy as it sounds I am a hypnotist so I can also barter hypnosis for weightloss or stopping smoking etc as well as working. It’s a bit out there but I am willing to offer what ever may be of use.

Please don’t flame or kick me when I’m down guys. I already feel pretty screwed as it is.


Earl W.

Go to my site where I have listed a load of videos about getting started in the business. Don’s window cleaning business startup site

Hmmmm…you can help people with weight loss and stopping smoking.

As of Jan 1, 2010, thousands in your community will make a New Years resolution to lose weight, quit smoking or both. Do you not hear $$$ ringing in your ears? You should.

You’ve got approximately 2 weeks to dream up a great flier for selling this service. At this time of the year in your territory you’ve got a better chance busting out the gate running with helping people in this sensitive area.

You can still pursue window cleaning as a business but for someone sounding as desperate as you, this might not be the best time of the year to put all of your eggs in one basket.

Aside from that there are also other odd jobs you can do for folks like snow shovelling, basement/attic junk removal, etc. As soon as you do one good job for people they often want to know what other services you provide.

lastly, check out Don’s (Don The Window Cleaner) site as his videos helped to get me started.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Why don’t you market the hypnosis? Beautiful View is dead on. It’s New Years and people are making resoutions to lose weight and stop smoking. I would take advantage of that right now. I’d come see you if you were near me!!


So do you think Linda needs to lose weight or quit smoking?

It’s both, although Chris would only say stop smoking for fear of getting his butt kicked!!

If you are actually good at what you claim, I would totally call the cheapest print shop in town, get 5000 colored, black text fliers, and hand them out all day - every day for the New Years rush.

When in a desperate situation having window cleaning tools and a little know-how can really come in handy.

Soliciting is much easier with business cards, so you want to get a small box of those, say 500. A simple logo with black only can be found for about $30-$40 in that amount. Or, if someone you know has a decent computer you whip some up and print em out on perforated paper found in any Office Depot-type place, even Wal-Mart. When really in a pinch, I’ve even just bought some of that paper and a rubber stamp kit, stamping a few cards and passing them out as “temporary business cards, til my new batch comes in.”

Should you go with a pro, there’s always small print shops in need of window cleaning and I’ve traded services for cards before. Simply open up the yellow pages, tell em you’re in a pinch, and would they be interested in trading services for your fledgling company. Or, as I prefer to do, go in in person. Many times an offer of a free demo helps, like the door. Letting them know how appreciative you are for a helping hand and that you’ll be back for more paper supplies in the future really helps, too.

Now, you’re ready for some work. You can either cruise areas in person, or make some phone calls. If you go in person, always smile, be patient, and don’t be offended when turned down.

Ignoring the “No Soliciting” sign in every single shop, my approach, with business card in hand is typically, “Hi! My name is Clint. I’m a window cleaner working in your area and I couldn’t help but notice that you’re in need of our services.” (“our,” because you’re now representing a company, remember?) “Would you like a free estimate while I’m in the area?”

Charge about $2.50 a window -commercial is competitive- inside and out, with the outside 2/3’s of the total with the inside of the door included in the outside price. Outs and doors get dirty faster, and many shops only want the outs anyway.

For example, if a storefront price comes to $30 In and Out, the Ouutside Only + Door In is $20. Folks like options anyway.

On a good day you can net $200. On a bad day you’ll still most likely net at least a few bucks and a couple new customers. Be sure to recommend they get the outs done every 4 to 8 weeks at least, if not more often, with the inside needing service about every 3 months for those that opt for Out Only service. This time of year about half of the folks will tip, too, if they’re happy with the service and the smile.

Should you decide the phone is the way to go, dry cleaners are always a good place to start. Their windows are always dirty. The downside is that you might end up with a couple bids on opposite ends of town, although you can always do a little door-to-door while in each area.

Good luck!

Welcome Earl. You can learn a lot from the video and marketing sections on this site. I spend some time watching some videos and picking up a few marketing tips coupled w/ the ability to hear NO hundreds of times a day before you hear a YES can’t be underestimated.

I’d give Earl $20 if he could make you cluck like a chicken ('course maybe it was the Tanqueray TEN.)

I’d give Larry $20 bucks if he produced some good advice.

My advice here is to avoid redundancy.

How about this scenario? Approach a company that you wouldn’t mind working at and offer to hynotize their smokers to help them quit smoking. Stress the health benifits and insurance savings along with the productivity increase. Give um a price they just can’t refuse even if it is a introductory freebie. When the big boss comes in for his session, while he is under, “suggest” that he gives you a great job with top pay and all the perks. Get rich and remember all your friends here at “WCR” where you got the idea at.

I would like my Plymoth Prowler in black please. With a matching trailer. : )


[I]“because glass looks it’s best when you can’t see it”[/I]

Funny :slight_smile:

Earl - private message me your details (click my name in this post and send private message). Include some history, your background, age, some strengths and weaknesses. Just tell me a bit more about yourself and situation. I might have an opportunity for you. But then again I might not…nothing ventured, nothing gained.