I cant find this

Im looking for the “tool Belt” that goes on a 5 gallon bucket anyone know what im talking about? i cant find the one im looking for!

Check HomeDepo,Ace Hardware, Lowes one of them should have what you are looking for.

Depot has them for like 8 bucks, although I took mine out of the bucket, cut it, laid it flat and screwed it into the side paneling of my trunk.

Works great that way

Check them out for quality some use thin canvas, some have more pockets in them then others and may be better suited for your needs, H@rbor Freight got some really bad ones so I would not recommend them.

I believe they are commonly marketed as “bucket organizers”. (Should help in your search.) :slight_smile:

i thought it would be a good idea but since buying it find it to be more of a pita than its worth.
i got mine at lowes

try this www.bucketboss.com