I Did The Search Thing

I was just in the janitorial store. And this guy offered me 80 houses that are all spec homes or model homes. But he couldn’t give me a list or their square footage. All they could tell me was the smallest was 1100 and the biggest was 6500 square feet. Now we also told me that he could not pay more than $100 a house. All I have to do is xteriors if there’s a screen I’m not to touch it or wash the window. It’s only first and second story houses. He didn’t tell me how much less than a hundred he had to have as a price each. This dude was a complete stranger should I just run away or try to negotiate more?


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The fact that he would not give you, a small business owner, the information needed to make a sound business decision is enough justify your suspicions.


What a pissa. I can see of some were 15 windows an some were 18 windows

But your talking some 15 and some 40 or 50

Sorry bud don’t do business that way. If you want me to do an exterior for ya leave the check in the mailbox were I’m cleaning I’ll let you know the price before hand. An that’s that the way business is done with my company

I don’t know what it is but some people think people are stupid. I tell people straight up when they suggest something stupid like that. Would you do business this way

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Sounds very strange that he doesn’t have a detailed list of square footage as that determines his overall costs and his potential profits. Might be a good idea to talk to some of his subs to find out more about how he does business and handles accounts payables.

I would run! I would never do business that way

I would pass on it.

PASS. Any time you are scratching your head over vague or nonexistent conditions for work and payment, it’s a sure bet the other guy knows exactly what he is doing. (Taking advantage of you)

There’s nothing wrong with saying your price is by the pane and seeing where it goes from there. In the unlikely event he actually agrees to your terms, make sure you draft a VERY comprehensive service agreement before cleaning even a single piece of glass.

Seriously though, I’d probably pass that up. That guy is either crooked, incompetent, or some combination of the two and will likely be a real pain to work for.

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Sounds like he’s the constriction cleaner and trying to sub out the windows . I would run

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That’s what he does. I told him to his face . “someone needs to learn how to bid.” He can’t get more than 100 bucks to clean a 6500 sqare foot house? I was way over my head on my first residential job and that was a 3500 square footer. I worked my ass off that day for two hundred but it taught me how to bid. i can’t imagine what an architect could do with 6500. . I think a builder saw him coming, either that or he thought he saw me coming.

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