I do a lot of single story homes and buildings is it worth it for me?

Hey all I do a lot of single story stuff is it worth it for me to get into WFP? I am always looking to save time on the job and this seems quick and easy. I also do a lot of never cleaned homes too.

I’m 3 x faster than a wfp on single stories. Defiantly not worth it

Good question.

Where are you in your business development? What direction are you taking it? For example, will you be sticking to 1 story structures or do you see yourself cleaning larger buildings? Are you part time? Is window cleaning something you do on the side besides your main work?

Where are you located?

I definitely plan on going higher have just stuck to single story to get going, its part time for now but I have sales team that is going to start pushing it more than my other services to pick up this end of the business. I am located in Florida

the only times wfp is faster than traditional methods on first floor work (for me) is when:
a) they’re true divide (french pane) windows
b) It’s only a couple of windows, I already have the pole setup, and it would take longer to go put on my belt than it would to just bang them out with the wfp.

That said, I will sometimes do windows with the pole even if it’s not faster, simply because my wrists are aching and I would like to switch things up a bit. I also like the fact that the frames and sills get a really good scrub and rinse with the pole. This is handy for a couple of maintenance jobs I have right on the main road, where a lot of dust gets built up on the windows, but nothing stubborn that requires extra scrubbing.

For me I’ve been using a squeegee for so dam long i just like using my wfp , it’s basically new to me .

I do all my storefronts with a squeegee , so when I can get that wfp in my hand it just amazes me every time .
I’m like a kid with a new toy on Xmas morning . I’ll do the lower level the doors there cars whatever.
I’m sure your not going to stick with single story Holmes so when you start getting 2-3 story stuff go get it then . For now I would stick with the squeegee . I don’t know if I’m 3 times faster, but it’s close . I got the wfp thing down also.
It’s not a waste of money if your intending on doing 2-3 story work if your sticking with 1 story I would say it is then.

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I guess it depends on how the window set up is, If most of the houses you service are a single casement window or a double hung, it may not be much faster. For me over here in Australia most homes constructed in the last 35 years have quite large aluminum frames with from 2 to 10 panes of glass in the window.like this

using pure water makes it much easier and you just have less to do, no wiping frames and detailing whether you use a pole or a handheld brush.

I believe that even thought both ways clean windows spot free. When you use a wfp you offer a level of cleaning and service which includes frames, that just a squeegee and wiping cannot deliver. And the proof is when you rinse and you see what comes out of sills and frames…priceless. And yes I wfp first floors. It feels good. It feels right for me.

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yep worth it

… c). When landscape dictates, like big bushes, trees and sloped ground.
Yes. Switching methods is good for the wear and tear
on the body. Sometimes I switch to trad because I’m tired of wfping.

Humm, how do you think it’ll save time?

Houses? [B] I don’t[/B] think so…

But if I have a building with like 1000 flat plates in front of me, in a straight shot?

  • yeah, I think I save time.

But those days are far and few, I “ain’t that guy anymore.”

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I’m sure between pulling out the unit, hoses, and pole. You might be so far ahead you might actually forget you needed to clean the windows…

it is worth it for me. i have reachitmini and wash it pro and yes there are small jobs i could be half done before i have my wfp set up but speed isn’t evrything for me. i now wash the customers exterior frames and explain how that helps to to keep the vinyl free of oxidation and dirt and mold. customers love the the no soap angle. they love they safety aspect.

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I was genuinely curious about how he was thinking about this. Yes, you have the hoses and pole, but you could put a 25 gallon tank in the back of your car, a little pump, and 200 ft of hose then it’s just brush and go.

I don’t know where he’s from. Is he dealing mainly with pollen, dirt, or sea spray? Are there a lot of cut ups or rose bushes in the way? If he has to remove screens, then you might as well be carrying a squeegee and just bust it out. If there’s a lot of interior screens, then wfp might work pretty good.

For me, there’s no way a wfp would be faster. I still need to get in and brush the dirt or a wfp would create a run of mud down some stucco. There are some route stops where wfp would work good for me once I get my on board tank set up - but those are windows that are being pounded by the sun. So instead of doing the windows at 6am, I can do them at 3pm and no worries.

I dont find the need in a WPF for single story homes, I usually use my WFP for high windows and do traditional for the rest.

This is a first floor home zoom in and take a look at the condition of window. Scrubber and squeegee will never clean it like a wfp would. Let’s say it does. How much time scrubbing rinsing scrubber and detailing it would take. For me wfp makes it a simple scrubb and rinse job.

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WFP cleaning is not for every job as there are many factors involved due to stucco/paint over spray etc, On small homes that are less than 2500 sqf not its not worth the time to set up for wfp cleaning especially if they have the solar / sun screens on them.Even on larger single story homes with the solar / sun screens on them its not practical to use your wfp system UNLESS … You have a helper that can take off the screens while your setting up your wfp.
It takes roughly 10 minutes to set up and get everything ready to start wfp cleaning.If you can clean faster with your wfp compared to traditional then by all means do it. Doing it traditional there are 3-4 steps to cleaning a window.By the time you apply your water to the window then squeegee it then detail the edges how long is it going to take you ? WFP cleaning start scrubbing the window frame / glass / sill … then rinse and your done.
What ever way works best for you at the end of the day and you get perfect results and your customers are always happy thats all that counts.