I finally made the move!

I am the proud owner of a domain name and website. It’s www.anewviewia.com
Please check it out and give me the once over on it. I need you guys to help me make it sharp. Let’s have it!

First of all… Congrats AND it was about time :slight_smile:

It will need work for sure, but remember that is the beginning and there’s always room for improvement.

I gotta go now, but I’ll check it later and give you my opinion if still needed

g’ night.

Looks good. I do have a few questions though…

  1. Why don’t you have your logo on your site? It’s a great logo, let it help connect your business card, invoices, van and website all together.

  2. The navigation links are usually located on the left hand side of a site. Yours are on the right hand side. Is there a reason for that?


What software was used to make the site?

Your site is looking good. You will always have to remember that your site is gonna be a work in progress just like business. It will change alot until you get where you are 90% satisfied with it. My only question is why you have the extra “a” at the end of your domain name? This could be confusing for customers.


Tony’s thinking outside the box. :wink: Actuallly, I never thought anything was wrong with where the navigation was located. I’ve been designing sites for 15 years and have seen them in every variation, top/bottom, left and right.

Tony, I love how you share that you’re a husband/wife team. Many customers will find that so charming and put their fears behind them when choosing you for their cleaning.

I think you should get rid of the poser pic of that guy supposed to be window cleaning. Just kidding, looks great.

Would have been better if your domain was just anewview. It’s easier for people to remember.

All in all I like it Tony!

Thanks for the input guys. I tried to get anewview as my domain name but it was taken so I just added ia to the end because I live in Iowa(ia). It was the shortest way to still have that domain name. I’m using a site builder from Yahoo that was free because they are hosting the site. I got the site builder, domain name and installation for free because they are hosting the site. It cost $27 for 3 months.
There were a couple dozen templates to choose from and I liked the one I had for it’s simplicity. It just happens that it was one where the pages tabs were on the right.
I tried using my logo but it was a high enough quality when I made it larger on the site. Kind of a bummer.

Nice, Tony.

Couple quick thoughts:

  1. Reduce the size of the big house picture, because the browser has to render it smaller, making it fuzzy (ironically), and also slowing down loading time.

  2. www.newviewwindowcleaning.com is available if you want it (I paid for it for a couple of years there, but let it go about a year ago! Its’ still out there in internet land)

Grab it! Grab it Tony. QUICK!

someone looking for a review? I loves me some reviews :cool:

Actually Tony the first thing I noticed was that you did not use a generic house photo. THANK YOU!!!

I did not go through the site yet but the first page I would make subtle changes-

Put the navigation tabs to the left. You are going against what people are used to and it feels wrong- easy fix.

On your “contact us today” area I would turn the link into [U]contact us now[/U]

Looks pretty good boss

Thanks Paul. I made the contact change you talked about. Hopefully they all say Now. I also shrunk the pics a little as someone eose suggested. I tried to change the navigation tabs but that template only sets them up on the right. I could use another template but that one seems to look better. Is it critical that they be on the left? Will it cause people to not use the site?

Me too , Me too, please review mine Paul.

Me too , Me too, please review mine Paul.

After fiddling w/ my meta tags and the links I put on the site I’m on the first page of Yahoo search. If you type in window cleaner, iowa city I’m #6 if you type in window cleaning I’m #7. By means of a merchant circle free listing I’m number #3 on google when you type in window cleaner, iowa city (of course that listing only gives my phone number).

Tony if you use the features in your Yahoo “web hosting control panel” to submit your sites to search engines it will help, it will also walk you through several other free things that you can do in order to boost your rankings.

Try submitting your web address to Google Maps too. I see your listed already, but with no web address. There’s other free directories that will help, such as Kudzu.com too.

Don’t expect overnight results either. It may take several weeks to really start seeing results.