I got my first job scheduled!

Just wanted to let you know, I got my first residential job scheduled to do next Saturday, if it is not raining! I do still need to estimate the price though. Upon researching, I think around here they are pricing about $4.00 a pane. It is a small house, not a lot of windows, 3 huge front windows, 3 panes each, a front door window, 2 sliding doors, 1 small bathroom window and 1 med window in the garage. He shares the property with his kids, who do have a huge house with lots of windows, he is going to try to get them to call me too. Anyway, suggestions greatly welcomed!

Joie N. CA

don’t short yourself…start at $7 a pane.
be confident when giving the price, not timid.


You go girl

Congratulations Joie!!! As far as any suggestions, Go with what you believe the price should be for your area. Keep track of your time, if afterwards you don’t feel you made enough $ you adjust your pricing accordingly for the next job. It’s a learning process. Congrats again, it’s a great feeling aint it? Your hard work beginning to pay off.

Way to go!!

Don’t forget you’ll pick up speed as you gain experience. In the beginning you might be 30% to 50% slower than a veteran window washer. Like the new guys we hire. :cool:

In other words you may only bring in $30 an hour on a job that an experienced cleaner would bring in $60 or more with the same pricing.
I thought I was a great window washer, with 10 years experience, until I went on YouTube and saw some real pro’s work. The videos on this site are also great.


Good for you, Joie. Your hard work is paying off.

Don’t forget to solicit the neighbors, too

You have taken your first step towards global domination of the window cleaning World! Kevin’s advise is worth taking. Market to the whole neighborhood.

Cool beans! :slight_smile: My best advice would be to tell you to take every precaution to protect the inside of the home as you go along. It will go along way to show your new customer how professional and courteous you are.

Good Luck!

Joie I knew you would do it. You will know best the pricing in your area but there is alot of good posts here on this thread for you to consider. Take them for what they are worth and apply them if applicable.

Great job now go get some more

7 bucks a pane in CA? holy crap!! market does vary! 4 bucks a pane here in mich

Congrats Joie

Just don’t bring any grenades:D

[FONT=“Arial Black”]Congratulations[/FONT] Joie I have been reading your posts for so long and thinking to my self Nike Nike Nike Nike Glad to see your finally [B]doing it ![/B] We have all been there, and when it takes you 3x as long to do the job you know what will happen? you will get a reputation for being the most meticulous, attention to detail window cleaner in the county so your sure to get lots of refferals Thats what happened to me but at first I was feeling aprehensive and self doubt . But its just a part of the journey so keep on keeping on and take advantage of this forum of experts.


Don’t forget the heat-treated glass education and [URL=“http://www.iwca.org/content.asp?ContentID=40”]customer fabricating debris waiver.

Good Job! Don’t forget to have some fun! Work is so much more pleasant that way. You will have to keep us updated on how it goes for you.

Good job…Take your time and dial it in!

I wouldn’t worry a lot about pricing right now, as mentioned, is a learning experience.

Call it “paid training” and use this job as experience for the future and learn as much as you can from it, try to get more business from this job if possible.

Congrats !

How did the job go?