I have 4 spots open

I have 4 spots open for WCBO covers in 2012. The first 2 are taken and I want to get the other 4 filled up by years end.

If you would like to be featured all you really need to do is have nice high res pictures for the cover and a little spread.

In return you will get the cover shot, some nice publicity and I will also give you 50 free copies to do with whatever you want.

If you havent heart WCBO will be going to a slightly different format in 2012.

#1 - Its going to be free of charge
#2 - We are increasing our distribution to 20,000 copies per issue.

I’m here for you Chris…

Do you have amazing high res photos for me :slight_smile:

3 left

I thought I was on the first list but I guess you don’t love me no more?

You know I love you lots… would you like one of the spots sir?

i’d be happy to if you’re interested - when would you need the amazing artwork?

I do.

We would love to have You Brian…

The sooner the better but worst case scenario the spring of 2012

  • I will pencil you in.

Is this going to be digital copies, or still an actual magazine?


Im game, if you have spots left.

I sent a few photos to Stephanie.

It will be print / digital download / ipad / kindle

Love to be considered…

and I’ll take the last spot.

(and yes, I have amazing, hi res photos.)

WOW!! Something for everyone! I’m old school of course, and love to feel the mag in my hand, so I’m glad their will still be a print copy. For all ya’ll that are going to be featured, make sure you have copies to give to your biggest clients. Some of my biggest clients were completely stoked that I was featured in an International Window Cleaning Publication. They still ask me about it from time to time.



I wouldn’t mind doing one in 2013 if you haven’t already picked them out.

I am in if you need one as well Chris!

I can add a twist, how about a spot for a partnership, Me and another window cleaner teamed up to form a new company and has been doing very well!!

Awesome John

I will pencil you in.