I have a mobile sign idea!

Then mount right below the card holders the bumper sticker that reads:

This Van is insured by Smith and Wesson. I have had a bad day, three shots of whiskey and am just wishing YOU will mess with my van. I may be out of sight…but I have a scope.

I have used an A-frame or sandwich board for over 4 years. I place it out on the sidewalk in good view. paid $130 for a pro design. it has made me ALOT! of money. have upto 3 cars a house stop for a biz card. Hope that helps

Are you a NRA member?

I might be about to cross some line here. (I often do don’t i?)

But at last count, we were discussing the sign, then why someone was not using such a sign…right?

I worry a meteor might hit the truck I have the signs are on that get the business that pays for the insurance that covers the truck that I worry about getting hit by the meteor.

I’d rather be worried about how well the sign may work.

But that might just be me. You know how I am.

Yes we do and we still love you man!:wink:

I’ll keep that in mind. Now that you explained it so eloquently. The bumper sticker idea…thats gold! Hey, what do you think about a confederate flag on the top of my truck as well?


I just spit out diet coke.

Flag idea: Five Stars. :cool: