I just registered my domain name!

I just registered my domanin name with GoDaddy:


I am stoked! This is the first ‘official’ thing I have done to start my business!

I am meeting next week with a counselor from the American Small Business Association and I have registered for a series of business start-up classes offered through my local chamber of commerce.

Just wanted to share my excitement with all of you!
I wouldn’t have nearly the confidence that I do without all of the advice from current and past posts!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now the work begins!

Congrats! A tip…Make sure you check out the Marketing section of the forum in depth.

Sweeeet! I waited until I was about 1 year in business to get a website. If I had known better I would have done it from day 1.


Jumped on in there with both feet. Nice! Smart to get a website up and runnin’, agreed. About 80% of our new customers last year found us that way. It’s the age of instant information.

I figure a website will be indispensible to my area. I read that something like 95% of the residences in my community are connected to the web. I don’t know what the national average is; but this seems really high.

All right way to go. Hey how many years to you get the web domain for? Its yours all right. Wish I had done that first thing. But can’t complain. I’m pretty high on google.

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