I made this yesterday....Hand held pure water brush!


I don’t know why I have not tried this before but I made a small hand held wfp brush with a fan jet yesterday.

I have done some screened in porches and even really low walk out basement windows this would come in handy for. I am pretty sure one like it is available, however I decided to try one out on my own…

I pulled out some middle bristles, drilled through for the same spot. Then drilled a bigger hole from the back about 3/4 through. I tapped in the fan jet, attached the hose, then filled that space with a marine grade epoxy I found that is really good to keep the hose fastened.

That’s awesome good idea! What’s the jet at bottom for? Or is that inlet?

Thanks :slight_smile:
That’s just the quick connect, I ran the hose through the hole in the handle to keep it from just flopping around.

The Vikan hand held brush that wcr now carries is a great little brush for screens, windows with bars and easy to each windows for 23 dollars. It has at least 6 flow through holes in the brush so it puts out plenty of water. It has become one of my favorite tools for cleaning those really dirty screen that have dust caked on.

That’s great! You’re a smart boy!

I was just telling my guy the other day Im gonna use an old head and put a handle on it for the same use. Great idea you got there. Thanks.

Thanks Randy, I knew there was one out there. $23 is pretty cheap too :slight_smile:

I had the fan jet already sitting around… figured why not throw it on a $4 brush

Glad too hear you like to use one and it works well for you. Pretty cool :slight_smile:

Thanks Tony, I’ll have to show it to ya when we get together :slight_smile:

Thanks Micheal, I am sure I am not the first to do it but thought I would throw a couple pics up in case any body else wanted to thrw one together in 5 minutes too :slight_smile:

Garrett [MENTION=4249]ViewRenew[/MENTION] showed me a cool handle setup he uses for his WFP brush. Post up a couple pics, Garrett?

very cool!