I need a little help with my company name

i’m not looking for a name per say. i dont want my name to tims window cleaning for instance because i dont clean just windows, i powerwash and do gutters too, and may expand more in the future as well. so i need something to follow tims.

tims …what.

oh. btw, tims wont be the name of the company. just an example

Home services,
Cleaning service.
Home specialists.

I actually like the sound and look of your last name. I know for me our company name has been very helpful In piercing the corporate shield and cold calling. We sound like a law firm. We aren’t as easy to brush off. People seeing any print add or your vehicle will see your services you don’t need it in your name. Take for instance large companies, Intel, apple, etc. I like Wagner Inc, Wagner services. IMO

[COLOR=#333333]“Wagner Services” has a nice ring to it. [/COLOR]


I would maybe go with something “property services”

I would encourage you not to use any part of your name if possible… You never know where your company might be in 10 years, and I think if it really blows up you might not want to be using any part of your name… Not a huge deal just a suggestion.

You might want to look up Micah Kommers from the forum here, he did a name change last year and is very happy with the direction he went… I believe his new name is EcoCLean Services… (I think)

Here’s something I designed in 5 minutes:

Thats tight!

Thanks Chris !

TWS, short for Tim Wagner Services

Wagner Property Solutions

I added “Professional Surface Cleaning” to my name. I think it helps get me away from the “cleaning services” requests for a maid/house cleaning company and tie together moss treatment and glass restoration with pressure washing, window and gutter cleaning as an all phase cleaning company for your home or commercial property.

How about this:

That’s sweet Jesse… You are talented…

[COLOR=#333333]That’s sweet Jesse… You are talented…[/COLOR]

Thanks, Phil… How 'bout one more for the road:

Okay, I lied… just one more:

I admit it, I’m a graphic design junkie :slight_smile:

Jesse, you’re on fire!!

Being creative and original is the best route to go when thinking of a name …I would never use a name someone else came up with but thats me…

Clean Cut Services represents me and how i present myself and all my work is clean cut as well!!!

i like my last name too. although i have another picked out, i’m still considering keeping it. here’s the catch. wagner is sorta a big name around here. theres a wagner lexus, bmw and other luxury car business. theres a politician of some sort in the next town over that people ask me if im related to occasionally. i say no and they say “good”. so i’m not sure i want to continue rolling with it.

yeah, i remember that he liked switching it because it gave him the chance for additional advertising.