I Need a New Vacum

I left my faithful little old yellow ($20.00) vacum out in the back of my truck overnight and it got soaked in the rain.

I want to get a nice held held cordless vacum. I looked at Lowe’s and they have a neat hand held rechargeable “Shop Vac” for about $69.00 Before I spring for it I thought I’d consult with you guys to see what you’ve got that works well.

I’ll definitely be getting a cordless so please don’t try to convince me to get one with electrical cord.


I think Home Depot may be discontinuing the WD2450:


I saw the 16 minute runtime listed for the cordless. Is that sufficient Larry? Otherwise it looks like a great little vac.

I did test that time, and it is accurate.

I always carry at least two fully charged batteries.

One fully charged battery can handle ~40 sets of tracks and their corresponding exterior screen tracks, even if there’s a lot of gak.

I love this vac.

I couldn’t seem to find it on the Home Depot website. How much did your’s run and do you know if they are for sure discontinueing this product?

I’m not really sure about the Shop Vac rechargeable hand held vacum at Lowe’s. It has a wall mount recharger. I don’t think an extra battery would be an option for it. That’s not good if it doesn’t have much run time on a single charge.

I recently purchased a second vacuum when it was priced at $49 (it then went back and forth between the regular $99 and $69.)

My first vacuum was $99.

One has to purchase batteries separately (I have never seen the 24V Li-Ion batteries at any Home Depot.)

The reason I say that I think they are discontinuing the vacuum is that my local HD has not stocked any for ~2 months (or longer?) and the price labeled on the shelf is still $69.

Off topic slightly:

My climate is such that the tracks are often very wet. Too wet for vacuuming. I wash em out with a brush and pump type sprayer.

What is it you vacuum? Is your climate such that it is a dry type of dirt?

Here in SC it’s pretty humid but the tracks are usually dry when I clean them. I use a grout brush to loosen dirt then vacum it up. I then wipe the tracks with a wet huck to give a final clean.

I do this on first clean residentials mainly. If they have me back at least once a year the tracks aren’t too dirty and can be wiped with a wet towel.

Once the dirt has been loosened with the grout brush it only takes a brief moment to vacum the dirt up so the vacum doesn’t have to be that wonderful. It just needs enough run time to make it through up to 40 to 45 windows max.

I use a dewalt that was purchased at home depot. It is cordless and I have a car charger for the battery. It will easily do a complete home on a charge. I have used it everyday for almost two years and it’s still going strong. Seems bullet proof the way I throw it around.

Have to buy the vacuum, charger and battery all seperate. Cant remember how much but probably ~$150. Well worth it!

my .02


My dewalt vac has a battery and short AC cord. I plug it in when the socket is close to the window and easy to get to. When the socket is inconvenient I go with the battery.

In New England we have a lot of triple track storm windows. They open and close and have a screen for the summer. In some homes the space between the window and the storm gets cluttered with all kinds of debris. They’re difficult to sweep out, because the storm is in the way. Best to vacuum. I do carry a 3 inch natural bristle painter’s brush in my back pocket to agitate dried on muck and sweep everything over to one side for easy vacuuming.


I visited two out-of-area HD locations this weekend (caught some WOW! live music) and noticed that they had pulled some Ridgid stock from the shelves and brought in Husky product.

When I returned this AM, I stopped by my local HD store and inquired about both the Ridgid WD4550 and WD2450. Both are no longer stocked in stores (Inactive status) and they referred me to the dot com site for inquiries about possible availability and future product substitutions, though a store employee did take my name and number and will discuss with the Ridgid rep upon his next store visit.

I would recommend not getting the dust buster at the h.d. for about 35 bucks cause it stinks! It needs more suck. It’s this model: CHV1560
15.6 Volt Cyclonic Action DustBuster. My next choice will be no less than an 18 volt.

Yeah, those DustBusters suck.

you need the cordless dewalt, msrp $300.00 for the vacumm and 2- 18 volt batteries and charger.

well worth the $$$$$$$

Stopped by Home Depot tonight – The Ridgid Pro Pack WD4550 is back in stock. Terrific corded vac (I’ll probably pick up a second.)

Also, the store is moving out Louisville (in with Werner) ladders at about 45% off (so a 40’ 250# duty-rated extension is $222 for those interested.)

That’s a deal… Thanks Larry.

yea those little dust busters are good but you need 4 of them

Also, the store is moving out Louisville (in with Werner) ladders at about 45% off (so a 40’ 250# duty-rated extension is $222 for those interested.)[/QUOTE]

Be careful with the Louisville Ladders. Even though you are getting a deal, just be aware lousiville won’t send you replacement parts for the leg of the ladder and other small moving parts when they wear out. We’ve had problems with some of the parts of the Lousiville ladders. Werner seems to last longer and they have replacement parts you can buy.