I need advice on extension poles

Hey Guy’s,
First I apoligise for being absent from WCR for a while and I really apreciate you guy’s and what you do.

Well I’m still trying to start my business up. but I’ve run into the issue of extension poles. the cheap one I bought from home depot just broke on me when I was trying to scrub a window that was to high. So I need some good advice on which extension pole I should get. I need one thats cheap but strong. tall enough to reach 3 stories
(at least 2). also I was reading in another post where someone wrote that you can make your own water fed pole system out of a regular pole…
Please help me choose the best inexpensive item that will help me…then one day I’ll get all the nice stuff but right now I have an extremely tight budget.

Again thank’s for everyone’s help.

                                                           -Jesse Brewer

Hey Jesse at the height its hard to get the best of both worlds like your looking for.

We have this one on sale this week:

Unger Tele-Plus 21’ 5 Section

But this is the one I would highly recommend:

Unger Tele-Plus 30’ 5 Section

I know its a bit pricey, but it will last you forever (if you treat it right) And its the only pole you’ll ever need. You can drop sections to do lower work.

I attached a quick photo I just took of the poles in our window cleaning biz. Its hard to make out but we have 5 of those and all but 1 is signed out today. They get that much use.

In the future you can easily add this:

WCR WaterFed Pole Conversion Kit

And boom your have a Water Fed Pole.

PS in the second picture you can see we just got a fresh shipment of poles in today… We have lots of poles!

Thanks Chris,
That thing is awesome…I’m definately gonna go with the 30. and with the conversion is exactly what I need thank you. I will be ordering it from you here in about a week or so.
Thanks again.

Also keep in mind what brand of tools you are using. I use mainly ettore, so I bought an ettore pole - and all the attachments work great. I then bought a smaller pole for route work - garelick - which i really like because the locking mechanism is so quick and easy to adjust…BUT you need a tapered cone adapter for your attachments because the pole comes with a standard acme threaded tip. I wish they gave a choice between the two…

You can have a choice on the Garelick if you do a modification to it. Here’s how.


Tony - thanks for the mod - I am going to add a ettore tip to my next order!