I need Help on a estimate of a building that doesn't exist yet

Got a call yesterday from a woman asking for a estimate on a build that doesn’t exist yet. This is the first time I’ve run into this. Can some help me out with this. I charge $2.70 per window in and out.



Thank you for speaking with me Justin, as I told you I am heading up the move we are planning for early fall into a new office space. We need to get price quotes for having the new office’s windows cleaned on a regular bases. Since we are getting a new building we want to figure our budget in advance. As you and I discussed we haven’t finalized the specs on the plans yet and we have 2 choices, one is a 1 story with 20 windows and the other is 2 story with 40 windows that offers us the opportunity to grow. So if you could assist me on setting our budget by providing the follow information, that would be extremely helpful.

We are in need of an estimated quote including the following information:

  1. Price per window outside
  2. Price per window inside
  3. Minimum charge
  4. Detailed information as to what is included
  5. Do 2nd floor window cost more
  6. Is there a price break for frequency or number of windows cleaned

Could I ask that you send me the above information, plus anything else you feel I might need.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Wow that’s a new one.

Get her to send you the 2 sets of plans and figure it from there, or give her a ballpark figure with the caveat that it may rise or fall depending on height, type of window, safety equipment , regular equipment needed

Request a copy of the blue prints and post it.

Is she a really good customer?
It really sounds like she is stressing the price aspect of it…do you really want this job?

Personally, I would not give a per window breakdown, because just because you know how many windows there are…even if you had the blueprints, you dont know what the landscaping will be like, you dont know if there will be any water tie ins, you dont know if there will be any patio or anything that will make your job harder. Without seeing the blueprints, you dont know how large the windows are either, what kind of glass it is, what type of walls will they have on the outside, weather it is concrete (so you know if you will have to deal with the runoff stains later).

This lady is asking the impossible, so the best I could do if it were me were to tell her I can give her a ballpark figure, explain why and then give her a number out of the air, which by the way your 2 dollar a window price is insanely low…(no offense) I would give a number of about 300 bucks (for the 20 windows, 400 for the 40), and that is for a quarterly cleaning. For one time a year it would be 500 (and 600 for the 40 windows).

Reason why is because it sounds like she is only looking for the lowest price and not too concerned on if you know your stuff or are the best or the safest company available…she may dump you later on for Fish or another bottom feeder that live for that kind of work.
just my .01 cents

I agree! Why does she care how you price the job so much rather then the price. I would get the prints and give here a fair estimate and thats is.

Prolly needs maintenance numbers for future budgeting activities – not out of the norm

I agree – I’d provide a ballpark estimate on the basis of knowing how large the windows are and where they will be located, then provide a firm quote when the variables (exterior and interior) you require are known to you.

how is things down in Beaufort and Hilton Head? It isvery common for property managers to get their estimates to forcast a budget. Give here a estimate with stipulations listing posible price busters. Tourism been effected by economy? MB is real slow now.

Things down here are ok I guess. Business is kind of slow cause I haven’t been out there as much. Trying to get some direct mailers going soon. Sent her a estimate we’ll see. The building isn’t built yet so I’m not really worried about it.

That sounds to me like another window cleaner trying to figure your prices. Hmmm…the building doesn’t exist yet? Okay, let’s see the blueprints then. Oh wait, there are no prints? Well then show me the land you have purchased - oh you haven’t done that yet? Come on…Anyone who cares how much you price per window in and out, charge extra for 2nd story, price breaks, and what is all included is DEFINATELY someone who knows a little too much about the wc business and is obviosuly digging for more info. PLUS - I don’t believe anyone, and I mean anyone - assesses cleaning and maintenance costs before a building even has blue prints. Did they forcast hiow much soap they are going to use by adding another bathroom upstairs, or toilet paper, or the extra cost of having their cleaning service vaccuum an extra flight of stairs? NO!!! It’s a joke. I would have asked her how much is she paying now? Oh they aren’t having their windows cleaned now? Well why not? They seem so concerned about it.

Over and above the rest…after all of the construction and planning, and budgeting, dealing with various contractors, and shelling out more than enough money for a new building…Most companies would not even want to think of another expense. Especially window cleaning on a NEW building.

Good thing she didn’t call/email me.

Good point. I didnt think of that.