I need Help Seriously

Damn, I feel old!!

For 2014 my main goal is Website!!

I did a bit of HTML back in high school but since then I know very little about website work, all I hear is web hosting,SEO,domains ect… Been doing a bit of research and seems like most SEO companies are scams! I dont have money to dump and give away, I rather work my own website on my time.

Is there a book out there than can help me understand the world of building/operating a website? Like Website for dummies or something? Want to do things right and not get slapped around by some guy named Ying who drives a Ferrari off the money he steal from me lol

Please guide me

I’d recommend Anya Curry if she doesn’t already have a client in your area.

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look up wordpress 101. ive been watching some good videos lately. been polishing up my skill a little lately also


I’d be willing to help you. Call me sometime at 319-331-7242 or email me at irussell[at]clearlycleanwindowwashing.com

If you want to do it yourself I would suggest a wordpress theme that is responsive.

Wordpress is certainly the way to go now.

I played with a few different platforms such as Drupal etc, and WP seems to be the most intuitive.

One of my main goals this winter is to convert my old HTML sites to Wordpress.

use 101 web site builder! super easy

I will contact you, Thank you… I really do need all the help I can get

i’m with everyone else on wordpress

  1. watch youtube to learn about wordpress, hosting etc so you have a rough idea of what all that means.

  2. choose a hosting provider. i like namecheap.com- good prices and their tech support is really awesome. you can chat online with them and get answers almost instantly. they’ll even help you get wordpress installed.

  3. find a really good theme. the best ones have intuitive user interfaces that let you change the site all around without having to know any code whatsoever. check out themeforest.net. tons of nice ones there. probably cost you $50-$80, but it’s so worth it. and yeah, get one that’s responsive (that means it formats itself automatically depending on what kind of device the visitor is using ie, laptop/tablet/smartphone). that’s really important.

  4. go to town on your website, bruh.

I’m trying to use Wordpress for one of my sites. Thanks for the direction guys.

Thats always my problem when it comes to designing a website…“Trying”

Wordpress is 30% content and 70% making it look good

Cant recommend Word Press enough. The hardest part is really the install, and thats pretty easy.

I built a really good looking wordpress site basically from Start to finish this weekend in about 4 hours.

It might be a fun winter project for you.

How can I get started with Word Press? Right now, my site is hosted through AT&T and built myself through yahoo site builder. How can I transfer? I’ve said it before, but I am nervous to make any changes since I’ve ranked on page one in Tulsa for 7 years. I’d hate to lose that ranking.

Love my current website and it’s ranked right where I want it in my primary city - unfortunately I think I’m headed down this same path. I think the major problems with using a site builder is that you can’t transfer or access the files and put them on a different host, a site builder then locks you in. Are you able to transfer / access the actual files vs. a 100% rebuild? I have to do a rebuild and I may wait till next winter during expected down-time to rebuild the hit on rankings then.

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Not sure. I may do a new domain and new build. Maybe get the two competing. My current site is embarrassing and all over the place, but gets me work and usually is ranked #1 in window cleaning Tulsa, so I hate to mess with it. Not sure why it’s ranked so well. It is probably because I was the first in town to build a site 7 years ago.

My first 3 sites were built through yahoo Sitebuilder. its a dinosaur.

That being said, it is possible to switch while only temporarily losing your ranking. Do it during the winter, like Im doing. You will disappear form the rankings for a few days / weeks, but if you take the proper steps you’ll return to your former positions, and possibly higher because of the fresh content.

If I got any higher, I’d be sitting on the top of your desk at home.

Keep your great ranking. I think I would build a new Word Press site instead of trying to transfer. In the end you would have two sites. Link between them. Build a whole bunch of one page sites and link them to your main site. This can help your ranking too.

I thought linking the two could hurt? Or is that only if it’s duplicate content?

Linking the two could most definitely hurt. Google will see it as you trying to scam the system.