I need some advise!

I have being doing business with a cleaning company for 2 1/2 years, doing windows for them. 3 months ago they got a model project that needed to be done on a daily basis. I have being doing it 7 days a week early am, the gig takes 1 hour to do and 2 for travel, 3 hours total. I get a little over 1k weekly to clean. The thing is that last month the cleaning company lost the cleaning contract but being a great window cleaner thanks in part to knowledge you learn here, they only kept me doing the windows thru them. Now the new cleaning company wants the window cleaning contract and wants me to do it for them, the advise I need is that the company I have deal with for a while requested that I don’t do it, they feel the other cleaning company took their gig and they shouldn’t get their window cleaner as well. I said I would decline their offer, but it bothers me a bit, it’s good money but aside from that I’m in business to provide my services to whoever needs them. I also feel bad that my contact lost his chance and because his bitter I would loose the work as well. I have to admit that without him I wouldn’t have gotten in the first place. Am I doing the right thing here?

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Yeah looks like you’re in a tuff spot .

Does the old cleaning company send you regular business? Or was this the only client ?
If you cut your relationship with them will the builder be loyal to you and keep you ?

Also you have to build a good relationship with the builder/owner ( looks like you are) then he’ll tell the new cleaning company to just bid the cleaning and not the windows.

I just lost a big contract with a builder , I was doing all the ccu (windows) . Another couple did the cleaning . The couple retired and the new cleaning company underbid my work . I haven’t felt the hit yet , but I think I will in the winter if I don’t hustle now .

I think cleaning companies have ( don’t know what the right word is ) a lot of control . They can underbid any cleaning trade and bump you out .

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Unfortunately they were doing something that made them lose their part of the contract.

If this were me, I still have a family to take care of so I would stay on the contract and carry on business as usual. Sounds kinda shitty, but when it comes down to it its just business and I’m in business to make money, provide a great service, and some day a company for my kids to profit from as well.

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Yes he got you in the door. But you kept yourself in the door.

First guy lost the contract for some reason. He hired you for the windows.

You did the job and well enough for those to request you to stay on doing it.
Even when those who brought you in lost it. Now new company wants you…

You have a relationship with that company who lost it. Is it worth it in your relationship with them.
For them to request you not to do it?

Will this company’s MO be a bad rap for you later on down the road? If so maybe better just to move away from them.
Since you have been doing under them…

Me… I would say sorry you lost the gig for some reason. But i have to do what right for me and my business.

Kind of like what i had to do earlier this year. Had what i thought was a good opportunity through a company. Doing whole foods here in town.
With more in line. But the first whole foods i did for him. I am like whoa!! this is not what i signed up for,nor how i expect to be treated.
Thank you, I did the job but keep the money it’s on me… See ya !!!

There are quite a few variables at play. Narrowing down to what is the best interest of your family as well as the best interest of your soul. I have made these types of decisions in the past and always had to really dissect the past and future of a relationship when making a business decision. Especially one that could end a lucrative business relationship over a single account.

At the end of the day. You have probably already made your decision in your mind. you just need to connect that decision to your heart. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a long road to travel.

Make the decision based on what you feel is right. Next time, [B]you won’t ever agree to something like that[/B] when a vendor or client is venting and emotional.

No matter what you do, it will all work out exactly how it is supposed to. In the irrefutable words of George Carlin, “It is… what it is…”

Just a thought.

Make the decision that won’t hurt your conscience.

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Thank you guys for giving me your point of view, it sure helps.

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Ya know what this really pisses me off. Do you work for yourself or this other company that had the contract ?

Who the hell are they to tell you who to work for ? If you don’t actually work for them

That’s kind of ballsy no ?

They lost it move on ! You did the right thing ,an serviced it right for them while they had it .

That in itself is worth something .

Now they think they can control you an who you do things for. No don’t work that way. That’s not how business is.

You should have no guilty conscience at all. As a matter of fact I would call them an tell them just that. I wouldn’t let this go with out a piece of my mind.

Fine you don’t want to give me work anymore that’s your lose. But don’t tell me who or what I can do

And secondly you don’t have to tell them shit !! Tell them your not doing them an do them anyway. So what they find out just play stupid.
" Ya well I figured if I just did them maybe you would get the contract back an we would be a team again " yada yada yada. F them

One quick question !!! Is this a National company ??!???

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No they’re not. But they do all windows thru me, and have always given me lots of high end work.

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Ok so there in lies the curve ball !!!

They give you lots of work which is good. So you have to respect that then. I didn’t know that. Sorry I come off strong I’m working on that :). I would walk away , because I wouldn’t cut off my nose to spite my face .
It wouldn’t bother me either , because they have , an do give me a lot of work . If that’s what they want then I would definitely respect it like I said .

You have to there is no choice in my mind that’s smart business .

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That’s how I felt as well. So far we haven’t lost the window cleaning, but eventually we will if I don’t service the new contractor, which I won’t. A bit unethical but loyalty is more important to me. Thanks buddy, appreciate your point of view.

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Humm, going forward maybe offer a “finders fee” for the jobs the contractors send you. Maybe 10% of whatever the job is. Then it’s transaction completed and they can’t hold it over your head. Going forward it’s understood that it’s up to you to keep the customer happy. If the contractor loses the contract and a new one comes in, you’re already in place, let them know you’ll give them a finders fee if they bring you new work and keep on keepin on.