I need to sell a brand new IPC Eagle RODIE Cart

I bought an IPC Eagle RO/DIE Cart because I was going to expand my business, but decided to go to law school. I have never used it! I got it and put the filters in it and have not even undone the zip-ties that are around the power cord or water hose. I need to sell this machine fast. I bought it for $4600 and payed $150 for shipping. I would be willing to sell it for $4200 plus the cost of the shipping. This is an amazing deal since most places sell the machine for $5200 or more plus shipping. So if you are looking to get a water purifier, this would be a great deal for you. Feel free to call me with questions. I live in Provo Utah if you want to save money on shipping. My number is 801-318-9661 My name is Josh.

you might want to put it on Ebay…

call up some competitors and ask them