I Need WFP System & Equipment Advice

Sure its typical by the time it gets to your brush, but remember you are going thru however much hose you will be running too, then against gravity.

Half gallon a minute after 300 or 375 feet of hose is good. Not right out of the filters. I could be wrong, but Shawn would know. Shoot him a pm or he may chime in on here.

I use a tray off the hitch set up with my power washer at times. very convienent and easy to manage.

I have a very simple setup that may work for you. I fill a 100 gallon low profile tank that fits perfect in the back of my truck. I have a 100 psi Surflow pump 12 v and a deep cycle marine battery both in a box . I pump the water from the tank to a 1/2 cubic ft DI tank to a hose reel with 200 ft 3/8 hose. This system is simple to setup and easy to use

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If its EZ and Simple you need, there is nothing EZ-er than the Ettore EZ Pure.

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