I really embarrassed myself

My favorite embarrassing moment was after I finished blowing the roof for a picky clients. I asked the 65-70 year old woman if her husband was happy with the “blow job”

Took me a few seconds to realize my mistake.


Ok. This one is not good… I went to a party on Sunday. I didn’t feel good on Monday. Thought I was good, but nothing was good about this situation after a cup of rushed coffee and trying to squeeze some air out as you walk to your truck as soon as you talk to a new customer about how you’re going to perform the task. This problem no longer persists, but I ask where a ‘guest’ restroom may be just in case. I have digestive issues to begin with. Just need to address them properly.


It was rooftop margaritas followed by a couple IPA’s. Alcohol is bad… I like taking long breaks. Like now.

Good advice.

Did she have a crazy look after you said that.

puzzled look.

So do you find that these are all you need? And do you have 5 pieces of sectionals or are you using 4? I have a 28 foot that has been sufficient so far but I do %90 residential. Do you do resi or commercial mostly to need a 32?

We had a similar thing happen the other day.

We have a very large water fed pole but we did’t have a big enough ledger. The brush did not make good enough contact with the glass. We ended up borrowing a 40ft ladder from a friendly competitor and coming back a few days later.

I suggest making some friendly gestures to other cleaners in your area because you never know when you can help them, or they can help you.

If the other company was using the 40ft ladder that day we would have rented one. They go for $40/day here. Check around to see who rents in your area.


When I started with my partner last year, he had done window cleaning before and I had not. We got our first customer as a business, a local grocery store, 55 panes In & Out, tall 1-story place (bout 14ft high to reach the top of panes). First time we did it, it was a light rain outside, our rags were soaked because we used them for everything wet (instead of a sill squeegee), ladders for everything to include the insides straddling the ladder and bottom frame of the windows standing over products. The nightmare? 10 hours for both of us to complete it… yes 20 freakin man hours. I was deathly afraid they’d fire us, and was even afraid to show up next month (monthly account).

Now, I do the whole place by myself in 1.5 hours. You can either flop, or get good, I chose the latter…

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i have 4 pieces I use 90% of the time and 10% 32. I do mostly residential even if i had 5 or 6 pieces. the 32 is needed for certain angles. when i had a job in commercial we used up to 6 pieces all the time and almost never used extension ladders.