I want to buy 2 pieces of 30" rubber

Hi I have an Unger ninja 30" squeegee and never had a chance to use it. I ran out of 14 inch rubber one day so I cut this one in half. I would like to give it a try but need some rubber. Can someone sell me two pieces? I use soft rubber. Please PM me if available. Sorry if posted in wrong forum. Thanks.

Buy 36" rubber and cut 6" off.

Like I said I just want two pieces of rubber. I do not want to buy a 12 pack. I have never used this size and probably won’t use it much. I wanted a few pieces so that I can try it out. Thanks.

Cinder, oh the 30" is a dream my friend! Do you do any large commercial? Large glass store fronts? The 30" will save you a lot of time… really

here, check this thread out… http://windowcleaner.com/vBulletin/store-front-window-cleaning/15148-using-30-unger-ninja-upper-slot-commercial.html


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PM me your address, I will be happy to send you a 30" to put that bad boy to work!! :slight_smile:

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Perhaps a local janitorial supply carries replacement rubber.

You should be able to buy replacement rubber in your local area which is usually available in 36" lengths. I should have mentioned that in my first post.

Why wouldn’t you buy a box of 36" lengths and cut to fit every time you change your rubber?

How do you guys stow a 30 to 36 inch squeegee? If you put it in your boab, it’ll Stan you in the arm pit.

I know 2012 I know

While you’re working? I have a loop on my belt I keep it in, like a scraper. Or if I’m on a stretch where I don’t need it, I just set it in my bucket.

If I’m not using it for a day, I keep it with other extra channels, t bars, and strip washers in a spare green Unger bucket.


Yeah that’s what I meant. Thanks. I have a’am Unger belt with loops built in. I saw a huge improvement when i picked up a 22 inch. Can’t wait to get a 30 or 36. One Swipe next…

I do it the same way as TJ does Will.

30 is good 36 is a little much in my opinion.

I just squeeze my 30" alongside the applicator in the applicator holder slot on my Moerman BOAB, which rides slightly forward on my thigh. That way it isn’t grappling with my armpit.
I would prefer to carry the 30" in a quiver across my back but I haven’t looked for one yet.

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