I want to find the right price! Thanks

Ok guys I need a little help with commercial pricing. I did a big restaurant job a few days ago and feel I under charged at 2.00 pane in/ out. Single story 2 rows of glass.
I’m wondering what I should quote a new customer tomorrow he has 4 large commercial building’s about 100 windows each. Small glass 2x6 and large 4x10 panes. Exterior only.
I’m in southern California
Light obstructions mainly short plants.
About 114 degrees in the day now! ugh
I want to be competitive but not undercutting

What did you end up charging?

I charged 2.50 each pane exterior only. Then got another from the same guy for 300 windows in and out. I charged 3.50 each for those. I’m keeping those prices for now

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What’s your closing rate with your price structure? I’ve been doing residential for a good time but slowly getting into commercial.

In my area I’m at about 80%
I feel like some companies price check it, then have someone in the company spot clean haha.