Ice Storm in Vernon, NJ

Here are some pics from an ice storm we were hit by last week. Happened over night Thursday into Friday morning. These are always a sight to see. It honestly looks like a war zone! Tree’s down everywhere. These pictures don’t don’t even show the worst of it or do it any justice! My mother just got power back at her home tonight and I have a few friends still without it. A good friend of mine’s girlfriend’s car was totaled by a tree falling right across the roof!!

That’s scary stuff Sean! Is everyone alright?

Reminds me of the ice storm we suffered last January. 4 1/2 days without power for us.

Stay safe.

Yes, at least everyone I know is ok. I didn’t hear of any injuries or anything like that. All you see around town right now are tree services. They are probably making a killing off of all the devastation. Eight trees are down on my mother’s lawn alone. Might be a good reason to finally purchase a chain saw.

Ice storms remain the second most popular reason for the purchase of a chain saw, right behind creating mayhem.


And Mrs. Dolan’s letter is where…?