Icy side streets

Hey gang,

Recently, Seattle was hit hard by winder weather :frowning: Uncommonly cold temps have made much of the city side streets treacherous to drive on. Im located on top of a ridge not making it easy to and from home. Almost took out a car in my neighborhood today. To make it worse, a SUV come the opposite direction nearly took my truck out!
Seattle city snow removal is complete obsolete compared to the wintry weather that were plagued with. And to make things worse, my girlfriend is still out in the crap shopping!
So , business is slow, nearly null for the time being. Off to So. California for the holidays. It will be a relief.

We had an ice storm here last night that dumped just under a half inch in us. Top that off w/ a call I got from a customer that was upset that I hadn’t made it to the appointment this morning!:eek: I said we had an ice storm and I live several miles outside of town on gravel roads that haven’t been cleared. She said so did they! Did I miss something? Some people are just nutters!:mad:

Give me those customers anytime, I have some over here that will call you to cancel/re-schedule if they see the forecast showing 20% chances of rain within that week.

You mention rain guarantee but they are freaks.