I'd like to give 'Don The Window Cleaner' a plug

A big reason why my interest in window cleaning went from “Hey this could be some good part time money” to “Hey, you can make a good living at this”, is because of Don Marsh and his youtube videos. Topics range from ‘Starting a window cleaning business’ to ‘Techniques of the trade’ to ‘marketing your business’

He has a web site, http://squeegeesbymail.com/e107/news.php
and all his videos are on there. I find that many of his videos answer the common questions that people new to this trade will have. His topics mostly apply to residential.

Here’s a couple of samples:

//youtu.be/- YouTube

//youtu.be/- YouTube

Yeah - I’m impressed with his generosity too, in giving away so much information for free.

A lot of what he says is dead-on.

His site is one of my weekly stops for sure. Love the videos he does. Keep up the good work Don!

I have to say I like alot of his videos. I wish he wasn’t so reluctant to use wfp’s though.

He’s been cleaning windows for 26 years now. Between his success with that and his power washing business, I’m not surprised he doesn’t feel the need to change his methods. I could understand someone not liking the fact that he could discourage newcomers to the business with his views on wfp, but hey, we can all take the same information and do what we want with it.

Actually I was just saying that for someone who admitedly has never used one to say they really aren’t useful (not his words just the impression he gives) is short sighted imo. Nothing against him personally just an observation.

Does anyone have a link to his video’s? Thanks.

Click on the video above, and it’ll take you to his YouTube video library.

it doesn’t take me anywhere. Just starts and plays the video here in WC Forum. ? ?


Try this.


I just found out this tip.

  1. click in the main area of video, it starts to play
  2. click on the little You Tube area, it opens up in a new window, and you will see the links.