Ideas for coupon on website?

A local company just started a website for businesses in town. He is selling memberships to the website to the community. In exchange for the membership, you get access to coupon deals that you cannot get anywhere else. He is doing well & it promises to be a good site.

He is offering me a slot on this website with no cost to me. Businesses get free membership. I want to be the first window cleaner on his site.

What he has asked me to do is come up with a coupon deal that I do not offer anywhere else. It needs to be something that people & businesses can get excited about. Obviously I want to create a sense of urgency with my coupon. I hope to get both residential & commercial exposure here.

Just looking for some ideas from the group…


Do you have a link to the site Tim?

For your coupon, I would follow the advise in Kevin’s book and some others.

To paraphrase:

Make it a deal that they can’t beat,
Put an expiration date on it with a sense of urgency,
Tell them why they should choose you,
Use a photo that is projecting an image of “good feeling” about using you
And use good photos–not crappy ones that you took with your camera phone
Include referrals if room allows
Your phone/contact info in Big, Bold text

These have worked for me in the past

You beat me to the punch I was going to say, Use Kevin’s info as well!
In some nuggets from CFP, use a unique code so that you know where it is coming from. Some people will contact you without using the code.

Hey, Bert! Are you giving away all my info for FREE ??

Nah ~ just kidding.

Those are good ingredients, for sure…

One small thing I would add is “make it a deal they can’t beat, but that you can still make good money on!”

Remember, their perceived value of the deal is their reality.

Good stuff Bert!

Ed I used CFP’s code theory on the majority of my advertisements this year. It helped quite a but with tracking.

I have a Gold Book listing and it has a coupon, now that is for 10% off,
I am going to make that a 11.5% off coupon… LOL …
different and easy to track.

Having read some… some of CFP stuff, I took some of the meat from the excess of gravy and combined it with Kevin’s and Eric’s (Crazy Cleaner) ideas and will be doing a big window push in the pre-spring, followed up with post cards.

Now two of my own ideas.
1st. Sit in a vehicle with lettering on it in the very end, visible area in a large parking lot, say Canadian Tire (Loeb’s?sp for the US peeps)
Eat lunch and do paperwork.
Make sure there are no vehicles around you, park with your most lettered side facing the doors and the sides facing the main street.
Last month, = 1 job
two months ago = 2 jobs
{Bonus - healthier - walk, stretch, talk with people, smile and be polite.}

2nd. When running in for something, park at the end of the far parking lot, jog into the store if you have to. Make sure you park beside two small cars if you need to. This will increase your visibility, increase your market share.
3 months ago = 1 job.

You paid for the advertising, now make it work for you.
2.b I am getting some magnetic biz cards made, now stick them on the back of the vehicle, about 3-4 and another 2-3 on the drivers door. The ones on the back should stay there (except highway), and the ones on the drivers door, you can grab before driving away. They will not stick

O… just had a thought, Kevin… book… ideas… think… marketing…
another option is to get a long magnet, leave on the back and laminate some biz cards, it is cheaper than magnets, put under the long magnet, so people can take them.
At Staples you can get a 3m cold laminator, do up a bunch of biz cards for cheap and save even more money