Ideas on cleaners

i am using franklin window cleaner. has any one tried unger or titan cleaner. and what did you think

Dawn is the only window cleaner I use.

What conditions and/or debris are you attempting to clean?

We use Glass gleam 4.

I use unger easy glide cause I can get it at the depot (wooo hoo, now for $5.00). It’s ok and does the job. I have used GG4 and 3 but I don’t like the caps on the gallon jugs. Mine leaked. After that I stopped using the product. I’m not spending $30 for something I have too take extra care does not tip over in my truck. But I will say both of those products did a really nice job. I did get complaints about the smell a couple of time though. Never happens with the easy glide. Customers like the smell of the easy glide. I can’t smell anything cause I smoke. I can’t say if it’s roses or poo.

This message is from Titan Laboratories, manufacturer of Glass Gleam-4

Juggernaut complained that a Glass Gleam-4 cap leaked when it tipped over in the truck. We will send Juggernaut a free quart and a squeeze dispensing bottle to make up for it. (Send shipping address to Harv). The gallons have an induction seal under the cap, and it must be completely removed for a tight re-capping. Maybe it was a bad cap. We will also send replacement gallon caps.

If anyone has a problem, or wants a free sample of Glass Gleam-4, send a private email to me. Mention GG-4 in your sample request and include a mailing address.

At the IWCA show in Reno many happy GG-4 users. If there’s a problem, we’d like to know about.

Email to >[email protected]<


That’s a very nice offer Harv. We also send free samples of gg3 and gg4 out with orders. Feel free to request a sample ( no order needed ) and we would be happy to send you one. My personal favorite is gg4. Titan also graciously sponsors Titan Saturdays here, one lucky winner every week gets a larger size bottle of any Titan product.

Thanks Harv and Titan!

User Titan cannot be Harv himself – check out the age!

Oh yea I didnt even catch that. Maybe its Alan from Titan…

Just use the cap off a gallon of windshield fluid, fits and works great

Well I’ve had bottle loads of GG4 leak on me as well. I even bought the smaller pint size one to stop this happening - guess what - that leaked on me as well, even with that fancy pull up pour spout. Can’t Titan just buy caps that don’t leak!!! :mad:

I’m afraid I had the same problem. It only leaked once. (the small bottle) Fell over while I was emptying contents from my tool bucket and I didn’t put it back upright until I came back to the truck later to find a quarter of the bottle gone and the bottom of my tool bucket in need of a cleaning out. I blame myself. :o

More States are going Green…

As more states go green, concerns rise on costs, benefits - The Boston Globe

There is a big difference between the public and private sectors.

There is a big difference between “green” and “certified.”

And a bigger difference between certified and certifiable!:smiley:

I bet Dawn has some stories…

Touche’ Larry!:smiley:

used palmolive for two years just started using gg4 and really like it, works great and there is no gelatin in it!!!

Uh, it’s glycerin, gelatin is used in napalm not dish soap.:smiley:

I don’t see the issue…if it works well, thats whats important. Simply get a plastic milk-style crate and put the bottles in there (should hold four gallons).