"Idle hands do the devil's work"

We’re in the middle of winter but funnily enough my phone’s still ringing for work. Unfortunately most resi jobs aren’t able to be performed due to snow conditions. And there’s more snow on the way.

So what is an anxious window cleaner to do?

My keep busy list:
[]Stake-out new areas to flier and mark them down in the map book with notes on home types and estimated values.
]Write up a newsletter and send out to past customers. Offer repeat deals and give referral incentives.
[]Look at new forms of niche marketing. I’m willing to bet 2/3 of your town never ever receives any direct marketing.
]Organize your tools. Look at all the things that you learned during the last season, ditch the stuff that didn’t work and stock up on the things that did. This includes WC tools, office supplies and marketing aids.
[]Shop around for better price insurance. Heck, why not? You’ve got time to contact many brokers and decide on your own sweet time.
]Tweak your web site and make sure it’s up to date. References to 2007 pricing and policies need to be changed. Make it look as current as possible so that when people view your site they don’t think you’re hibernating.
[*]Explore other forms of internet marketing. Online classifieds, business exchanges, reciprical links exchanges.

Feel free to add your own. :slight_smile:

Go to my back yard pool. :slight_smile:
Go wash windows in 70* temps :slight_smile:
Go fly my RC helicopters
Wash my flip flops and shorts

Sit and watch the Kite Surfers ride those really cool boards. down close to the beach.

check out the swim suit line on the 20 year olds at Cocoa beach

Have a beer. :slight_smile:

What is snow and how does it feel?

Dude… that was wrong on so many different levels.:smiley:

Thats the exact stuff I do when the winter months arrive. Hard to do any of that once everything is in gear when the weather breaks. As for Phils comment about the beach- i cant wait to ask him what humidity is this summer?:smiley: JK


It does get hot and humid. But…it never gets sold hot we can’t work. I’ll take that any day.

When it gets that hot…we go swimming.

I hear ya. It gets humid where we are at too. Air so humid, you feel like your breathing water :eek: I dont have problems with the colder temps but I hate being to a complete standstill business wise when it gets really cold. Humidy, like the cold temps, slows down production. Its especially hard on new home developments that have no trees around to at least block some of the sun. I cant believe im bitchin about the heat and its February. :smiley:


Right on. Lets wait until it’s hot…then we’ll go get some cold beers.