If I gave you 20,000 in business?

Whats a good thank you for getting about 20,000 in additional revenue. I have a good friend that has hooked me up with a very high end builder. Most of the homes are 9,000 sq feet and up. My first CCU with him is on a 13,500 square foot home and has 135 windows. They only build 10-15 a year but still.

My friend is also in the process of getting me connected with another high end home builder that builds about 20 homes a year. Also 8,000-15,000 sq foot homes.

I want to thank him but whats appropriate.

How well do you know him. Do you know what his hobbies, likes etc. are? What does he do for a living?

I know him very well. We played on a men’s competitive volleyball team for a while as well as will probably be playing on a mens soccer league soon.

He works for a plumbing company that sells fixtures and supplies to the builders.

Is he into golf or any other sports. Does he have a family wife etc. do they like fine dining to they like to go away on weekend trips?? Does he like to go to sporting events. Do you see where I’m going here??? We can certainly figure out some kind of thank you gift for you to give him but we need to figure him out a bit more!!

Depending on how much you want to spend, a trip to the UK to see a premiership game, Thursday night to Sunday night, ( game on Saturday) should not be more than $1500

Yeah. I concur. Don’t go nuts, either, though, until you see how the job works out, profit-wise.

May not be lucrative, in which case the size/value of the thank you gift should be adjusted accordingly.

$20,000 is only good if its a juicy hourly rate.

I am guessing it would average close to 80-100 an hour per worker and one being myself so not to bad IMOP. I do not want to spend 1500 for him although I am sure it would be worth it… We have a nice steak house in the area that runs about $100.00 per person. What about a dinner for two? Him and his wife.

He enjoys golf and most sports, married no kids. They do not seem to go on vacations but they go out of town to weddings all the time.

He and I play golf about 6 times a year.

That seems very reasonable and in line with the kind of $$$ I was thinking about.

So, $80-$100 per hour for each of you (and you’ll be making money on your employee, obviously), and $20,000 of work at that rate?

Wow, that may be the best lead I’ve ever heard of!

Spending $1,500 is peanuts. That’s only 7.5%, and you’re hopefully going to get at least some of these homes as repeat clients if you play your cards, right.

I would say spend the $1,500. Don’t go cheap.

Why would you [I]“not want to spend the $1,500 for him although [you] are [B]sure it would be worth it[/B]”?[/I]

Aside from the obvious reason that it would feel good in your own pocket, of course…

Spending $1,500 is peanuts. That’s only 7.5%…

but remember not to “count your chickens before they hatch”. What if 20k ends up being 12k?

Agreed. But if it happens, spend the bigger cash.

Maybe a little “thanks in advance”($200) and a “thanks again”(bigger $$) gift down the road.

I would probably promote his business, I’m sure that would be the way you could really pay him back? If he runs a plumbing service as well as a shop, I’m sure he would appreciate the work or lead for plumbing gear?

If he’s into golf, maybe get him a gift certificate so that he can buy a new club or something. Maybe a gift cetificate to a bed and breakfast for him and his wife?? I agree though that I wouldn’t spend a ton of money until things pan out. A small token of your appreciation goes a long way. He probably doesn’t expect anything so anything you do would surely be greatly appreciated. I will tell you this though I would try to include his wife somehow, that will go a REALLY long way!!!

I agree with my friend aintjemama, don’t blow a ton of money. Sounds corny as hell but something more from the heart would be reasonable. You know, something with a little personal touch, money is great but it can be cold. You said that you are good friends.

Great point. Maybe something you and him could do [I]together[/I]

Like golf a CRAZY expensive course or something - that might be cool, or catch a last-minute weekend at St.Andrews!

I was reading your post and the responses.

My thought would be after the first house, you will know if it works out, do not give away the eggs before getting the chicken. How about a weekend away for two. This is much more impressive than a steak dinner for two. Set them up with a classy bed and breakfast within a two hour drive, and ask the owner who is the best local atmosphere restaurant, tell the bed and breakfast to authorize them to pay up to $80 for dinner, on your card. If there is a local dinner theatre, in the area, send them there, that will make much more of an impression. Pay for their meal or dinner theatre, cost about $180.

Now after the 5th or 6th house do it again, and so on. Every 5th house. You will make much more of an impression.